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Hello! My name is Gillian and I am very pleased to meet you. 

Tales from a happy house is my personal blog, a place where I record and celebrate the things that matter most to me. I write about my love of creating things, of our home, of cooking and gardening, getting out and about, and my family, among other things. 

My husband John and I live on the South Coast of England near the sea with our children, Bella and Angus, and our whippet, Ziggy. Our house was built in 1968 and is a constant work in progress. I work full time as a teaching assistant and our lives are full and busy. We are not always a happy house (we are human after all) but we are most of the time, and I believe in seeking out and cherishing the small, simple moments which bring joy to life.

Thank you for stopping by.

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A few other things:

You can contact me on talesfromahappyhouse@yahoo.co.uk. 

I use an Olympus Pen e-pl8 camera.

All words and pictures are mine unless otherwise indicated. Please do not use them without my permission. You are very welcome to use my images on Pinterest provided you link back to here. Thank you.


  1. Interesting, Gillian! Thanks for creating a lovely blog. xx

  2. Hi Gillian
    I've just tried to send an email to you but it get bouncing back with the address above. Can I ask if you have changed your address please?
    My email is enquiries@tilly-rose.co.uk
    Many thanks
    Tilly x

    1. Hi Tilly - that address above is correct, sorry you've had trouble getting in touch. I'll email you.


  3. Hi Gillian
    Would you very kindly email me please? My email address is caroline.foster@mac.com
    I'm an interiors journalist.
    Many thanks.


  4. Hi Gillian,
    I've so enjoyed reading your blogs,
    so have nominated you for the Sunshine Award -
    Very best wishes,
    Emma :-)

  5. Thanks for your lovely blog, Gillian. It's so uplifting.

  6. Just wanted to say Hi. I found your blog after reading Style At Home magazine x

  7. I love your blog and have spent the last 2 days devouring it from day one (although I did have to duck out for a spot of fruit picking after reading July 2012 and then had to make some blackcurrant jam and some strawberry jam).You have inspired me to continue with my cooking and crafting, despite having a new kitchen fitted so everything is up in the air at home.

  8. Hi Gillian, I've just discovered your blog after flicking through my guilty pleasure magazine (Style at home) - it's right up my street, I'll be popping back regularly!

  9. Love your blog....I have added you to by" favorite blogs" list. Enjoyed your recent post about a holiday!

  10. Hello Gillian, I have been reading your lovely blog for a while but only just visited this 'about you' page. Pleased to meet you and thank you for posting about your life and loves - always an enjoyable read! Sam x

  11. Hi Gillian, I've been reading your blog now for quite a few months and just think it's wonderful what you can accomplish. I am a lapsed crocheter but would love to make a blanket for my daughters bed. I was wondering what number crochet hook you are using for making your blanket squares? Thanks so much, Adrienne in Canada

    1. Hi Adrienne, and thank you. I'm using a 4 mm hook with DK weight wool yarn. I wrote more about the blanket in some posts, I'll put the links below.


    2. Thanks Gillian,
      I just have to get the yarn and I'm going to set to work. It will be my winter project so I'm aiming for a spring completion even though she could probably use it more in the colder months.
      Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading. You're an inspiration.

  12. Hi Gillian,
    I am from the North off The Netherlands....like youre style and pictures!
    Have lots of happy moments!


    Greetings Wiljo.

  13. Hi Gillian....... have just found your blog, and really enjoy it. i would like to learn more about how to blog. Im here in Florida, a little town called Cross City in the USA. I have a daughter named Jillian, just wondering if yours is pronounced the same? Keep on blogging, i will keep on enjoying, thanks, JoAnn Gee

    1. Hi JoAnn, and thank you. Yes, it probably is pronounced exactly the same, with a soft G.
      Gillian x

  14. I've just found you today via Pink Milk! Love your posts and photos. When you next have guests with littlies don't forget Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill. Its free too and has wonderful views. Welcome to the South - sounds like you may have come home or maybe you visited the model village in Southsea on holidays. :)

    1. Hi Sandra. Thank you so much. We visited Fort Nelson in January and thought it was brilliant, especially as it's free! I have come home - I grew up here and visited the model village many times as a child. It's so good to be home.:-) xx

  15. Hello Gillian, I am new to blogging and have just discovered your wonderful blog which I am following ! I hope you might like to follow my blog too, Lucy's Cottage. Best wishes, Fiona

  16. Love your blog & I've added you to my favorite reads. :) Can't wait to come back for more beautiful blogposts!

  17. Hi Gillian ,
    I am from India and just got to read your blog and find it very refreshing and inspiring to me.Thank you for lovely posts & Keep posting!!!

  18. Hi Gillian,
    I stumbled across your blog and I have had a brief read of your craft projects and Postcards from Devon. I like the look and content of your site and I have bookmarked it so that I can read more later. I am new to blogging and have only recently created my site so there is not much content on it at the moment. I'm finding blogging a bit difficult at the moment but blogs like yours are motivating. Keep up the good work.

    Ps my blog is called anoccasionalblog.com


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