Saturday, 13 November 2021

A Stitch a Day: October

October's section of my Stitch a Day sampler is complete and I think it was my favourite so far. All those warm oranges and browns, plus October does gives lots of inspiration for different things to sew. As ever I am trying to capture the personal, everyday parts of my life but also the more generally seasonal things, useful for those days when nothing happens apart from work and sleep. I always start at the outer edge and work towards the centre, and we have: 

  1. acorn
  2. carrot
  3. hedgehog (he lives in the garden under the decking)
  4. toadstool
  5. butternut squash
  6. pine cone
  7. sycamore seed
  8. bracken
  9. oak leaf
  10. squirrel
  11. sycamore leaf
  12. books (ibrary visit)
  13. burgers (a parents' evening well done treat)
  14. toasted marshmallow
  15. rake sweeping up leaves
  16. clementine
  17. ginger and white chocolate cookie
  18. pumpkin
  19. wood burning stove (first fire of the autumn)
  20. roasted squash soup
  21. billy button dried flower
  22. boots (my new pair of Doc Martens)
  23. pint of beer (London)
  24. carousel horse (again, London)
  25. pumpkin pie
  26. macarons (bought in Greenwich market)
  27. shopping bag
  28. tulip bulb
  29. bat (Halloween)
  30. branches (from our gardening and trimming bushes)
  31. popcorn (cinema trip to see the new James Bond film)


  1. This is absolutely beautiful 😍

  2. Delightful. Your tiny embroideries are so well done and perfect. And the entire piece is, will be, quite stunning.

  3. Wow! Do you draw them on first? If so, what pen/pencil do you use so it doesn’t show?

  4. Your stitching is absolutely fantastic. Love all the 'memories'.

  5. It is going to be beautiful when it is finished. Lucky you having a hedgehog, I haven't seen one locally for years, and I live in a rural town...

  6. This is such a lovely project. Thank you for sharing your year in stitches. Look forward to seeing the completed work. You are so creative Gillian.

  7. Amazing! I don't know how you think of so many different things to stitch!

  8. That is really NICE. What a beautiful project ... just great.
    I wish you a lot of joy for November ... yes and only for December ... thank you very much for presenting your work.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress.
    Many greetings to you from Viola

  9. I know I am repeating myself, but you ARE an artist, Gillian!
    My October was a great month for me, and I can relate to many of the things you have chosen to symbolise it.

  10. I like the toadstool, we saw a load of fly agaric ones last week on a garden walk to see atumn acer trees. Looking good. Jo x

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