Friday, 15 October 2021

A Stitch A Day: September


I almost forgot to show you September's A Stitch a Day embroidery. I am moving towards the months I was most looking forward to sewing (October and December) and loving it more with each month. If I am honest, it was a challenge to keep up with in during September, but I am glad I did because it does force me to stop and sit down for half an hour, either at the weekend or in the evening. It also makes me think about the seasons and what I like about them, what I want to remember.

September brought:

  • seed heads in the hedgerows
  • lanyard (first day at work)
  • elderberries
  • echinacea, growing in the garden
  • wheat in the fields
  • 6 (for Year 6)
  • pencil
  • rosehips
  • cobweb
  • fern turning from green to brown
  • mushroom
  • axe (chopping wood)
  • cooking apples
  • embroidery silk
  • beech leaf

  • conker
  • match
  • apple crumble#
  • caterpillar
  • wrap
  • first episode of Great British Bake Off
  • harvest moon
  • dried hydrangea head
  • feather
  • log
  • birch leaf
  • ash leaf
  • dried allium head
  • fox
  • bowl of porridge


  1. It's looking incredibly amazing. I'd love to do one next year however not sure what I would embroider and you seem to be able to make your symbols really clear. Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

  2. I love seeing your month in embroidery. I would love to do one myself, but I'm not sure I would have the patience.

  3. Beautiful work. It’s a visual record of your year!

  4. Gillian, you are a true artist!
    My favourites here are the rosehips, fern and - of course! - the fox :-)

  5. Glad you still show us, even if it is October. I love your embroidery calender. Shows how much you encounter in a month time,life flies by.

  6. Good to record your lists in your blog so you can remember in the future what each little item stood for. So sweet!

  7. Your embroidery is looking stunning and such a lovely way to hold memories of the year 2021. And yes I think the fox is very cute too x

  8. oh my this is so beautiful, you have such patience. xx

  9. My 14 year old loves catching up with this project. She is amazed how small you can get your sttiches. It is fantastic. Jo x


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