Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Everything Growing

Hello! Wasn't the weather spectacular over the bank holiday weekend? After the coldest, wettest, windiest May ever, that warm sunshine was glorious. I have to confess that I spent most of the weekend indoors working on my latest university assignment which wasn't much fun, but needed to be done. Also, John was working so it's not like we would have gone anywhere or done anything. However, it was still nice to eat meals outside and take the dog out for a warm, early evening walk.

I do like May. I like that feeling of being on the cusp of summer, of watching the garden grow and change on a daily basis. And the cow parsley. After weeks of cold, grey dog walks it was so nice to appreciate the flowers in some appropriately spring-like weather.

We finally packed away the winter bedding. When I say winter bedding, I mean the brushed cotton duvet covers which are deliciously warm and cosy and one of the best things we've ever bought. I also packed away the woolen blankets and brought out the cotton ones but I'm not switching to the summer duvet itself yet - this is England and it will probably be cold again tomorrow.

There's not a lot happening in the house at the moment, all energy is being direct to work and university, and then the garden, which is looking good after so much rain.

The bees are absolutely loving the rhododendrons, it's lovely to hear them buzzing around while I'm outside.

The sweet peas have suddenly woken up and are filling out in their deep pots, just starting to climb up their bamboo and string frames.

I'm having mixed success with my seeds. In March I planted zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers and dahlias. Every single one of my zinnias died. Every single one of them. I blame the weather. (I generally blame either the weather or covid for everything at the moment, and I cannot blame the death of my seedlings on the corona virus....) But it's not all lost. I have just planted out lots of sunflowers in the big blue trough, and my dahlias are dotted about in various planters. Something is munching their leaves though, I will have to keep a close eye.

The cosmos are still in their little pots in the cold frame but looking good, I just need to decide where to plant them. Imagine if I could pick a tiny bunch of flowers from the garden which I had grown myself, from seed? Exciting.

The herbs have gone bananas in the planter from all the sun and rain - I can barely eat them quickly enough. It's saving me a fortune in shop-bought herbs though.

For the last six weeks or so I've been steadily working on my crochet top. It's now sewn together and I have just started the edging of the neckline, cuffs and body. 

On Sunday I laid it out on the floor to get a good look at it in the sunshine. I turned my back for a minute to find the pattern, ready to start the edging, and when I turned back someone had made themselves comfortable.

As you can see from the photo below, this dog does like to make a bed on all soft surfaces, whether they were put there for him or not.

All other crafting time has been spent on my Stitch A Day sampler. 

Highlights include: Angus's birthday, fun with friends (Eurovision, eating ramen, drinking margaritas), time outside (bees, a stream, cow parsley, wild garlic), food and drink (coffee, asparagus, French toast, pizza), time in the garden (hanging basket, overgrown lawn) and the everyday (trips to the library and charity shop, crafting, pick and mix sweets).

I am still loving this project and enjoying watching the colours gradually change throughout the year. There will be more green tones in June's embroideries before moving into yellow for July and August. 

We just celebrated John's birthday and the weather was perfect the whole day.

We started with breakfast in the garden then went down to Gunwharf in Portsmouth for a bit of shopping and a coffee.

Then a Victioria sponge cake in the garden, with family dropping round. It was lovely.

I've really enjoyed socialising lately: we had house guests come to stay for the weekend of Eurovision; I've drunk coffee in the garden with friends; drunk wine in other friend's gardens. It's been wonderful to need to extend the kitchen table and cook for bigger numbers again, to have all the family round in the back garden. Things we took for granted. 


  1. Loved your catch up post with all your news and gorgeous photos. My oh my, your 2 are certainly growing up I'm sure both would be way taller than me, though all ten of our grandchildren are taller than me now. Your garden is looking good & if you are losing some of the seedlings to snails/slugs (I did last year), just pop some ash from your woodburner around them and see how it goes. Your crochet & stitchery are coming along beautifully too and pets always like sitting on what we've made. My late cats used to too. Thanks for this post, take care, stay safe & hugs.

  2. As always, it is lovely to catch up with you! Yes, that time of the year with all the green and the cow parsley is wonderful, and isn't the humming of bees on a sunny day in the garden one of the most relaxing sounds? Strange, really, as the bees themselves are hard at work and not at all relaxed!
    We have not yet reached the stage where we can meet in larger numbers, and the only house guest I keep having most weekends is of course my partner - and the other way round, when I am staying at his cottage.
    Every time I see a picture of your "Stitch a Day", I can't believe how incredibly detailed it is, a true work of art!

  3. Always great to read your news. The driving is pretty hazardous round here due to cow parsley, you can't see round the bends but it is beautiful. Ziggy is keeping us in suspense there by covering your sweater! Jo x

  4. Gosh your 'stitch a day' sampler shows just how quickly this year is passing by, it's looking beautiful as well.

    And it looks as though your soon to be finished jumper is going to be VERY comfortable.

  5. We do appreciate our friend and family gatherings even more now after the long wait!

  6. oh dear lady, what a splendid post. thank you so much for sharing. it has brought a smile while enjoying my morning coffee. do take care and thank you once again. (-:

  7. So glad you’ve had such wonderful weather of late and especially glad you’re enjoying going out and about! Very special doing things we usually take for granted. Enjoy (and loving your crocheted top!)

  8. Your crochet top is looking lovely even with Ziggy trying it out for size :)
    I seem to have different successes with seeds each year for no apparent reason. Last year I had loads of tomato and courgette plants, this year hardly any but other seeds have gone completely crazy. Oh well it makes life interesting each year.


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