Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Conkers, crochet and cake

Good things that are keeping me grounded and positive at the moment:

Crochet. I feel like it's been a long time since we've chatted about crochet here, but there is lots going on in the background of my day to day life. 

I've just finished this blanket, a small one, for my mother-in-law and am now working on these socks for myself. I deliberately chose pumpkin colours.

Watching the sunrise from the kitchen window while I put the kettle on first thing on the morning. (Can you see the cat?)

Collecting conkers, an activity that never grows old and makes me feel so rooted in the season.

Between-the-showers walks with the kids and the dog.

Being in the woods, surrounded by all that beauty and that unmistakable smell of autumn that lingers in the air, earthy and smokey.

Tidying up the garden for winter, always the most satisfying of jobs.

Gathering offcuts into an autumn posy.

Moving around pictures and ornaments, refreshing corners, just enjoying being in our home.

The first fire of the autumn.

The first roast (beef, cooked by John, with all the trimmings).

Weekend kitchen pottering: banana chocolate loaf (I make this at least once a month, if not more), sourdough loaves, soup, chocolate biscuits.

Here in the south, we are lucky enough to be in the least strict lockdown area, meaning that we can still see friends and family, while shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes are open, and schools and universities too. This means that I've been able to attend university over the last couple of weeks (always wearing a mask) rather than learning remotely, for which I am hugely grateful. I feel for those living in stricter areas at the moment and am apprehensive for what the coming weeks will bring. I'm just trying to be mindful and enjoy each day as it comes, enjoy the season and the weather, get outside whenever possible and enjoy the time at home when I can't.


  1. lots of lovely homely things going on at your house, a log burner must be wonderful to huddle around and who doesn't enjoy a roast dinner with the family :)

  2. I love all the touches of mustard throughout your house. It's funny as I don't suit mustard to wear I have never had it at home even though I love it, but this year I have gradually added cushions and little bits and bobs and I'm loving it.

    Those biscuits look yummy!!

  3. All these pictures are lovely, but my three favourites are the one with the cat in the tree, Ziggy on the armchair, and how the plant throws such a delicate pattern of shadow on the wall.
    Restrictions over here have just been tightened again, it almost feels like being back in March or April, but without the long daylight hours and spring/summer sunshine.
    Good job I can work from home without a hitch, and generally like being at home - while at the same time still being able to go for walks when work and the weather allow for it.

  4. You're wearing the sweater! Looks good on you. Yes, COVID times. Pottering home, masks and disinfectant, me, being essential.making me miss the kids, again. Happy all is still open at your side of the world. Here, new restrictions. Keep on making those yummy food, dear, enjoy your family life.

  5. oh my dear lady, once again, you have made my morning coffee much more enjoyable while reading your post. splendid, absolutely splendid. thank you taking the time with us and sharing your life. it shows your compassion and kindness in every avenue of your life. (-:

  6. hi, love reading your posts. Would you be able to please share the chocolate cookie recipe? would make a fun half term baking project. Thank you!

  7. A lovely Autumn post. Thank you. Cooking, crafting and a cosy well loved home. Have a good week Gillian x

  8. Glad you are enjoying Autumn and getting out and about. We were due to have visitors this week,my aunt and uncle I haven't seen since last October but Rotherham has moved into tier three so it is all off - so disappointing for us all. We missed our holiday this year and hoped to make this week feel different with visitors. Jo x


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