Thursday, 9 April 2020

Good Things

 Hello. How are you? I do hope you are all ok. It's not been the easiest week, and I'm sure it's the same for you, so I thought a round-up of the good things going on might in in order.

:: The weather today. Warm enough for bare feet and iced coffee. Warm enough to wash all the winter woollens. Warm enough to remember how we use the garden as another room, most welcome at the moment I can tell you.

:: Anniversary tulips. Seventeen years. 

:: Walking in the local woods. I save this walk for the weekend, so it feels a bit more special than our usual "pavement" walks.

:: John coming home from work with a load of plants for me. I have never been so happy to see new plants. 

:: My seeds are growing. I moved the cold frame onto the decking as it wasn't getting enough sun in it's first spot, although it was doing an excellent job of hiding some ugly drainage pipes.

:: Bella, Angus and I baked Easter egg biscuits and we all let loose our inner artist while we iced them.

:: I turned the wreath that always hangs in the hall into an Easter wreath. I added crochet daffodils and had a lot of fun faffing.

:: My friend had a surfeit of plants (she has an allotment) and asked me if I'd like some. Tomatoes, definitely, and some kind of pepper I think? At the moment I am just pleased that I'm remembering to water them.

:: The sweetest parcel arrived today from my friend Abigail, via Winter's Moon. Full of treats she knew I would enjoy and appreciate. I did have a little cry. Happy tears.

:: I made an Easter tree with some twigs I found a while ago.

:: We made mini egg nests. I hope the kids never stop asking to make these because it wouldn't be Easter without them here.

:: Plant therapy. All my houseplants have been given a bit of attention this week; showered, repotted if necessary, moved around to different positions. I swear some of them look better for it already.

 :: I found a bra I thought I'd lost. While cleaning out and tidying the wardrobe, I found a new bra I bought about a year ago bundled up in a load of clean clothes (on John's side of the wardrobe too, probably put away in a hurry). I remember looking for it afterwards and being frustrated that it seemed to have vanished, but then eventually I forgot about it, until today, when I discovered again. Given how much I loathe bra shopping, and that the shops are mostly closed, I consider this to be a very good thing indeed.

:: One last thing. A neighbour's pet rabbit escaped and we found it hopping around our back garden, sniffing the air, whiskers twitching quite happily. By some miracle, Ziggy, our whippet, was sound asleep indoors as Bella and I caught the rabbit (Pippi, adorable), put him in his cage and handed him back over the fence to our neighbours. If Ziggy had been present and spied the rabbit before we did, the whole incident might have had a very different ending, but thankfully Pippi is safely home and the gap in the fence is there no longer.

I know that this Easter weekend will feel very different for most of us, as we are unable to share it with wider family or friends. I hope that you still manage to enjoy the weather and the time at home, and find some moments of peace and calm - and even joy - amidst everything that is going on at the moment. Happy Easter to you. 


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family, Thank you for your sharing and love your Easter decorations!

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely plants!! And enjoy Spring, here is really cold for being autumn...happy easter!!!!

  3. A happy rabbit story, just right for Easter, lovely. I heard tell of plain chocolate mini eggs today, can it be true? Your garden is looking scrumptious, hurray for the gorgeous weather. I would have been very happy with the plants as well, a good surprise. And wishing you a very happy anniversary, gorgeous tulips. Have a lovely few days, I hear the weather is set fair. CJ xx

  4. Happy Easter to you and yours. The plants all look stunning, the kids look sunny :-) What more can one ask from a lockdown Easter weekend. Nothing really.

  5. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter. Your post today cheered me up and as I was reading it, the sun finally came out this evening after a rainy, windy day.

  6. I love your cookies, both the nests and the iced cookies. Almost too cute to eat. Almost. :) I pray you have a blessed Easter.

  7. Happy Easter to you, too, Gillian!
    Your Easter wreath is so pretty; crocheted daffodils, how sweet is that! And your friend sending you the parcel - it must have been the loveliest surprise, I guess I would have also shed a few happy tears.
    So nice to find the new bra again! Just before all this started, I bought not one but TWO new dresses; I wonder when I'll get to wear them... maybe this weekend, just for myself and O.K.
    I love the bit about you and Bella rescuing Pippi! If that isn't a good sign for Easter, I don't know :-)
    The long weekend (Friday to Monday) is very welcome, with work being rather busy. The best thing is that O.K. and I can spend it together, which looked doubtful earlier this week.

  8. Happy Easter and I love your decorations. And the mini egg nests, I might give them a try, they look delicious.

  9. Happy Anniversary Gillian! Also Happy Easter to all of you. It sure is a bit different, particularly if you are used to spend holiday weekends with family. Our families are hundreds of miles away so it is usually just us. Still, it is different. Love your Easter decorations and Easter baking x

  10. happy anniversary, happy easter and happy day to day living Gillian and family. thank you once again for your dear post as i sit here with my morning coffee in london, ontario and looking out to our snow covered ground, a good inch and windy day. ugh. this too will change but jeepers. your garden is so much more inviting. (-: take care dear lady and keep up the sharing when you can. xoxo

  11. These are all gorgeous pictures and all very good and happy things!! How wonderful to be given plants!! Your house plants are really gorgeous. Those Easter nest cakes look amazing!

  12. P.S. Hello! I popped over from Louise's blog as I saw your blog post title in her side bar and thought I'd very much like to see happy, good things!

  13. Lovely post Gillian & glad to see how you're filling the days on your side of the world with Spring coming on. I'm slightly envious of your plants as we seem to have a shortage of seeds, seedlings & some plants. Enjoy your yummy eats. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  14. A wonderful post Gilian full of joy and family. Good things are happening here too amongst the chaos. Have a good week. Jo xx


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