Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Room Tour: The Bathroom

I'm not sure a room without a bath can really be called a bathroom, so perhaps shower room is more accurate. But, last weekend, we finally did the last few lingering DIY jobs like painting the door, sealing the floor and hanging a toilet roll holder, and declared it finished.

I am absolutely thrilled with how it has turned out. It's a small, dark room in which every inch of space has to work hard, so it was a challenge at times, but I think we've made the best of it.

Directly opposite the door to the hall is the sink and newly enlarged window. I think this might be the best thing we did to the room, as the difference in light levels - even on gloomy days - is really something. 

The drawers under the sink are deceptively spacious and hold cleaning things, toiletries, medicines - everything we would normally have out on display - while the basket holds hand towels, flannels and face cloths.

To the left of the door, where the bath was, is a long shower tray partially enclosed by a glass screen. We deliberately avoided a shower door (something else that is tricky to clean!) and I love how simple the glass is. 

We chose an overhead rainfall-style shower with an adjustable head underneath, very useful for the dog when he is muddy and me when I want to shower without washing my hair.

At the end of the shower is a lovely wooden peg rail that is perfect for hanging towels and the cotton bags I put the crocheted make up remover pads into before putting them in the washing machine (stops them getting lost).

The toilet is where it was before, tucked away behind the door.

We hung our mirrored cabinet in the same place as before, above the towel rail, and the flooring is the same as we have in the living room, hall and Bella's bedroom downstairs.

It's all very white. I love this, but am aware that is can all look a bit clinical and cold if you're not careful so I've aimed to soften the room with natural materials like woven baskets and terracotta plant pots, as well as handmade items and pretty towels. 

I may yet paint the walls. A blush pink, or a soft duck egg blue perhaps. Or leave them as they are. It's just lovely to walk into a room that isn't gloomy, mouldy and covered in beige tiles.


  1. It looks beautiful, and not at all clinical - too many personal touches for that :-)
    I love the simple glass panel in front of the shower, very similar to mine. I believe you have seen my posts about when I had my bathroom makeover in May/June of this year; also with a lot of white but (in my eyes) not clinical.
    A duck egg blue sounds lovely, but I agree - for now, it looks great as it is.

  2. You could go the American way and call it the washroom.

  3. Absolutely stunning. Congratulations and enjoy! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  4. It really came out beautiful. I love the white and simplicity. I'm VERY encouraged to give up our claw foot tub for the glass shower. I especially like the tiles and the sink is so minimalist.

  5. Looks gorgeous... simply stylish, not at all clinical! I'm campaigning for our downstairs loo to be painted a blush pink (we live in a bungalow 😂)

  6. It's nice I'd love the walls painted something subtler than white. And love the Attelier Stella Ceramics little green pot on the shelf. AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Congrats to a beautiful result! I just finished redoing our boys bathroom. When we built our house 12 years ago, I realized I had accidently created a "morgue" instead of a's a small galley shaped bathroom, that originally had slate floor, green paint and a total north exposure: no sunlight. The redo: off white floor tiles(WITH HEAT IN THE FLOOR), white walls, and a big round mirror over the sink(instead of the rectangular basic)...Wonderful!! Light and Warmth!! Sometimes I wonder into their bathroom just to admire it:) Linn

  8. I love the symmetry and squareness of the sink area. We are using grey grout at the new house - it is a revelation. Congrats on your new shower room. Jo x

  9. Beautifully done and the shower is very well thought out. I love how you don't just make it look lovely but everything you do is so nicely planned to be practical as well. The plants, candle and basket are doing a great job at making it look warm and welcoming. And all done in time for Christmas! CJ xx

  10. It all comes together beautifully. For my taste the white is not too clinical at all - the softening with the plants and baskets is just the right thing. No wonder you're so pleased with it!

  11. Gillian its gorgeous, you cant beat white and bright! you finished it sooo fast too, congrats!
    Ashley xxx

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