Sunday, 28 July 2019

Summer Days

The last week has passed us by in a warm haze of home days, paddling pools and ice cream. I can't really account for our time, but it has been glorious. I've had moments when the clock turned back slightly and my ten year old and twelve year old seemed so much younger as they sprayed each other with the hose or splashed in the paddling pool. We haven't gone far, only to see friends and family locally, and haven't even made it to the beach, although I did regret that decision last Thursday when the temperatures reached record highs here. The children have been outside so much, in and out of the garden more than I can keep track of, going out on their bikes in the warm, light evenings, playing out with friends. I love to see the towels and swim stuff pegged up on the washing line at the end of a hot day, dripping in the setting sun.

I've been cooking a lot and enjoying it so much, just loving having the time to plan meals and potter in an unhurried fashion. I've been eating yogurt and rhubarb compote for breakfast every day, drinking a lot of iced coffee, making halloumi salad, pasta with peas and goats cheese, stuffed peppers. Eating the blackcurrant and liquorice ice cream with my friend in the back garden on her birthday while all the kids were in the paddling pool.

When it cooled down enough I tackled some cleaning jobs that I always put off until the school holidays; thoroughly scrubbing the kitchen, cleaning windows, rugs and cushion covers, mopping and washing and turning out cupboards and drawers. A summery Spring Clean. I've been busy planning projects too, ordering yarn and fabric, buying and downloading patterns to keep me quiet over the summer holidays.

More Drops Paris cotton yarn for my blanket...

...and I spent the last of some birthday vouchers on three balls of Scheepjes Whirl for another blanket I want to make in the autumn. (I chose the colourways Slice 'o' Cherry Pie, Caramel Core Blimey and Liquorice Yumyum.)

I also ordered two balls of Bobbiny cord to make this bag. I use my moon bag a lot, but it is quite small, so I was really excited when Emily brought out a pattern for a larger version, and I'm going to add a buckle to this one to make it a little more secure. 

The fabric I ordered from Seasalt arrived (in a package totally without plastic, well done Seasalt) and it's even lovelier than I thought it would be. Three metres for £20, I'm still pleased at what good value that is, and I'm wobbling over whether to make a skirt or dress from it. 

I hope you're all well and staying cool. It's overcast and breezy here today so I think we might go down to the beach for a walk/paddle this afternoon and let Ziggy stretch his legs. We have another quiet-ish week ahead of us here; I have lots of errands and shopping to do tomorrow, we're seeing friends on Tuesday and next weekend, and there are a few play dates planned for the children but nothing too taxing.


  1. It all sounds blissful Gillian, you do summer very well. The ice-cream looks amazing. These summer days are wonderful aren't they. I was trying to explain the whole 'endless days of summer' to one of the urchins the other day. You know the feeling that you have when you're a child that summer goes on and on and on. Love Angus's choice of reading material by the way, that is exactly the sort of thing we appreciate round here. CJ xx

  2. Oh, do make a dress! Short and swingy and sleeveless. Such a wonderful print.

  3. CJ is right, you do summer well. I am relaxing as I am reading your post, thank you. It is the end of week four of our summer holiday and I feel distinctly on edge.... still, the heat and sun was just wonderful last week, we all loved it. I am looking forward to seeing what you make with your happy Seasalt bundle. x

  4. Sitting in the summer with a cold drink and a good book is the ultimate way to relax. Your summer sure seems to be starting off well!

  5. I knew you would succumb to the seasalt fabric! It is lovely isn't it? It has a sort of light bark cloth texture and it comes in a paper bag (bonus) Make a dress Gillian - go big or go home I say! I made a dress with mine but I wish I had made a toile first.

    Loving the ice cream. Summer looks good over at yours. Jo xxx

  6. I absolutely love your blog and your beautiful photographs. I vote for a dress, too. That fabric just says, "Dress."

  7. It sounds just like summer holidays should be, and I am so pleased for you, you work so hard all year.
    The boat on the mantle looks lovely, and I am looking forward to see what you'll do with that wonderful fabric!

  8. It is lovely when you suddenly catch a glimpse of your children's younger selves! Tho having said that Angus looks about 15 in that photo - you can see the teenager he'll grow into. The Seasalt fabric is beautiful. I often look at fabric and think "that would make a lovely summer dress" and then remember I'm incapable of making one!

  9. I would make a skirt rather than a dress because of all the blue. I would enjoy it more as a skirt and pick out other colours to wear with it. School holidays are lovely, I think the time to relax is really important.

  10. This is so beautiful life, I will read this post again, so relaxing with beautiful photos!

  11. I love the start of the summer holidays and the days that seem to last forever. The holiday can be whatever you want it to be and it's lovely to have plans for doing lots of things and also for slow days.

    I too am thinking of doing a summery spring clean. It'll be nice to get things straight and tidy ready for the autumn and winter when you want to hunker down and NOT dig out cupboards! x

  12. It looks like everyone is having a nice, relaxing start to summer break. Your ice cream looks so yummy and refreshing! I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  13. Beautiful summer days... though my peace is going to be tested today as we are off to Pleasurewood Hills (local ish, rollercoasters) with one of Patch's friends. Oh my

  14. I look through your photos, Gillian and immediately feel more relaxed! Love the wools you have bought, especially the whirl one. I've bought something similar from Hobbii, but have yet to make anything.
    Hope this week has been equally as enjoyable:)

  15. Je vous souhaite de belles vacances, avec le tissu faites une robe ! Bises. Nadine

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