Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Days Rushing By

Hello! Everyone OK? I feel a bit overwhelmed and dazed by life right now. How is it July already? How is it nearly the end of the school year? Where has the year gone? That sort of thing. 

We are trying hard - so hard - in every spare moment we have to get Bella's bedroom finished. We are so near the finish line now; the painting is all done, furniture has been assembled or moved, it's just the fiddly finishing jobs like wiring lights and hanging shelves. The sort of thing that you think will take ten minutes but takes two hours. I'm a bit keen (to put it mildly) that we finish this weekend, so then Bella can move into her new room, and then Angus can move into hers, and then his room will become the new spare room/office/play room and I can sort out all the piles of stuff that are accumulating all around the house. We are currently stepping over a rocking horse to reach the shoe rack and there's a filing cabinet in the hallway. it's not ideal, but it is temporary, and will soon be sorted. Here are a few snaps of where we are so far with Bella's room to give you an idea of what it will be like. 

It was so hot at the weekend, Saturday especially. Hot enough for an evening water fight.

Hot enough for iced coffee.

Hot enough for load after load of washing, each drying in an hour.

Hot enough that we waited until 6 pm to walk Ziggy and it was still 32°C.

 We are still eating huge quantities of fruit.

The redcurrants look ready to be picked this weekend. I'm thinking summer pudding or redcurrant jelly. Another week and the blackcurrants will be there.

My new favourite thing is to pick grasses and put them in vases.

It's cheaper than flowers and it makes me happy.

I've been crocheting a stool cover for Bella's new room.

And adding squares to this blanket when I get a spare moment.

I worried that I had nothing new or exciting to share here tonight. I have not been anywhere or done anything interesting. I am bone tired and feel like all I do is go to work, come home to cook, do housework or decorate, then go to sleep. 

But this is why I take the photos: when I look back, actually life is rich and full, it's just full of the everyday. The normal, seasonal things that we do every summer. We went to circus. We went to an awards ceremony at Bella's school. We cooked and ate a lot of delicious food, some in the garden. I got sunburnt shoulders. We found a bit of fresh air and nature when we could, tried to enjoy the summery weather when we could. Nothing fancy. Just life being lived. 


  1. Everyday life is actually very special and your pictures show that. Love Bella's new room I am sure she will too.

  2. enjoy it as it comes, the small moments are the real magic moments!! lots of happiness shows in the faces of your children so you are doing great! Take care from Iowa

  3. Life being lived is what it is all about, isn't it?
    I like the colour scheme for Bella's room and am sure it will be a most lovely room. Then you'll have all the fun in moving all the other stuff around!
    It has been too hot to do anything here on Sunday and Monday, with temperatures nearing 38 Celsius. The neighbourhood was very quiet, you didn't even hear the children play on the streets. Everybody was just waiting behind closed shutters for the sun to relent a little. It didn't make for good sleeping, but it has cooled down a bit, especially at night, which is very nice and gave us all a few days and nights to catch our breaths.
    Where did the first half of 2019 go already, indeed!

  4. Congratulations to Bella. Governors award is a significant one- well done.

  5. Well done Bella on the awards, what a star. It's blissful out there at the moment isn't it. I know what you mean about it all being busy at the moment though. It's that end of year madness. Hang on in there, nearly the summer hols! We have a glut of cherries at the moment. I need someone to shin up a ladder and pick them all for me. There is not a queue of volunteers. CJ xx

  6. Your posts about general life are often my favorite. It's reassuring that it's not just me feeling the rush of life and your photos are beautiful and inspiring as always. Never worry they're boring posts, far from it!

  7. i hope you don't mind me asking but please could you tell me the name/make of the pink paint you have used in Bella's room, it looks like the kind of pink i would like, thank you, i also love your general life posts x

  8. Oh Gillian, such a lovely post once again. Your photos are always so sweet and good. And I really like the use of grasses in vases for a quick (and cheap) pick me up in our homes! Thank you for sharing you life and family and all around you. Always a joy to see on my screen.

  9. And it's the ordinary every days things that make a happy home. Yours certainly has the feel of being a happy place with happy children.

  10. lovely summer posting...well done bella! you must be so proud. Bella is the same age as Sophia my daughter how grown up they've got this first year of secondary ( though Sophia's school is a college) amazes hoe quickly the academic years pass...I still see her holding my hand at her first day of primary and me telling her not to worry she'll make lots of friends~ That seems a life time ago~ 'sighs'...Your posting makes me feel the joys of English in Devon the weather has really warmed up after such a weird June of mixed stormy weather...The garden has gone mad with growth and the area on the hill top ive left and not mowed since the beginning of may...the grasses are beautiful and a few wild flowers have sprung up this tempted to just mow a path and leave it for the wildlife this year. we tend to use more the terrace at the moment for late evening drinks and i potter around the pots and veg/flower beds...Love the embroideries on your wall~ beautiful!...Enjoy your summer days ;)x

  11. Thanks for sharing your family news and lovely photos. I'm intrigued, is Bella's new room in 2 parts. A school friend of mine had a bedroom with a study area separate, divided by a partition wall. It seemed very grown up. Cx

  12. Great post Gillian, that's life! Jo xxx

  13. I absolutely LOVE this :: "Nothing fancy. Just life being lived. " so good, and so important to find joy in the everyday business of living life to the full. xxxxx

  14. Congratulations for your daughter,greetings

  15. Times goes by so quickly, doesn't it Gillian? Your photos show a lovely family life and you must be so proud of Bella!
    I love this post, as it shows life being lived, does that make sense?

  16. Lovely photos! The embroidery is so pretty!! Wonder what is your favorite method to join the crochet squares.

    1. Thank you Angela! For this project I'm using the join as you go method.


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