Monday, 6 May 2019

Bank Holiday Weekend

Thank you so much for your nice comments on my shawl, I am glad you liked it. Sadly I haven't worn it yet, as it's felt too cold and I've chosen thicker scarves. Thicker scarves needed in May, honestly! It's not been the best of bank holiday weekends, all things considered. John has been at work the last three days, Angus has been unwell with an ear infection (which is now thankfully clearing up), so neither he or I have had much sleep, and there is that lingering anxiety that falls over the house when a child is unwell, making going anywhere or doing anything difficult, especially when one parent is working. The days felt long. While dry, it's still unseasonably cold and I'm kind of fed up with it now. I almost felt like I wanted a hat on when we were at the beach at on Saturday. 

But I don't want to whinge at you, because actually everything is fine really and we did do some nice stuff over the weekend, in amongst the appointments and chores and administration of painkillers. May is a good month, with two bank holidays and everything starting to bloom around you and the trees in full leaf in the brightest green.

I pottered in the garden a bit, pulling up the daffodils and tulips I should have dealt with last month and planting some sweet peas. I do love a sweet pea.

It was, if you sat in the sun and wore a coat, just warm enough for a coffee outside too. Just.

I pottered indoors too, moving around pictures and making changes here and there.

This little barometer, which belonged to my late Grandfather, has been hiding in Angus's  bedroom for the last year. 

I decided it was wasted up there and have moved it to the hall where we can all look at it every day and see if it's correct, which it is.

I made cheese scones for the first time and they rose. I feel like this alone deserves a mention here. I used this recipe.

The best thing about cheese scones is when they are still warm and the butter melts in. 

We had a really nice walk on the beach on Saturday afternoon. So much seemed to be in bloom, there were wild flowers everywhere you looked. 

The weather was all over the place, sunny then cloudy and windy too. We still got ice creams from the kiosk even though it was cold and the wind blew my hair into my Mr Whippy, and a chocolate cone proved more effective than Calpol in improving Angus's mood. 

We seemed to watch a band of rain move around us while we walked (I do love a dramatic sky) but amazingly didn't get rained on.

Today we visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which was a really nice day out with family, even if I did get a bit lost on HMS Victory, and bang my head a few times on the low ceilings. And now I am looking forward to collapsing on the sofa and watching the final episode of Line of Duty, which aired last night, so I've been avoiding all radio and TV today because I don't want to find out who, or what, the mysterious "H" is too soon, and I'm really hoping it's not a big let down.

I hope you had a nice bank holiday weekend, whatever you were doing. We've got another one to look forward to at the end of the month too, how lovely is that? 


  1. What glorious photos. Sorry about Angus's ear, I hope it's all better now. And also about your hair going in your Mr Whippy, that sort of thing always happens to me too. The cheese scones look very good, especially with melted butter, happy sigh. My sweet peas are skulking around the bottom of their canes looking chilly. CJ xx

  2. So beautiful! That dark sky is scary tho, a bit--do you not have thunderstorms and lightning where you are? Your house and garden look so beautiful so fresh and spring-like.


  3. I know I say this on every comment, but your photos are wonderful. You can even make a line of washing look fantastic!! I tried to capture the stormy sky when storm Hannah blew in, but I just couldn't capture the rain in the distance as you have. Wonderful! I love the little barometer too. My bank holiday weekend was spent working, but I didn't mind as it was freezing cold with the wind blowing down from the arctic. The weather's warming up again slowly. Best wishes, Jane :)

  4. Lovely photos! I make those scones all the time and however sloppily I make them, they always seem to work. They turn a simple bowl of soup into a really nice meal and I find my 5 and 8 year old will tolerate most veggie soups if they can dip a cheesy, buttery scone in it...

  5. Ooh your scones look so delicious and your plants look lovely too. I agree with Jane, you make even a load of washing look great! Cathy x

  6. It looks like you made the most of your Bank Holiday weekend. I love that your Grandfather's barometer is part of your every day life. I bet he would like that too. And that last photograph is stunning!

  7. Your photos are fantastic, Gillian! I love the stormy sky one, so atmospheric. Seeing your scones has made me want to make some, haven't made cheese ones for ages! Hope Angus is now much better :)

  8. What an amazing final shot with the dark skies! All the photos are lovely, but I would buy this one! A possible sideline for you????
    Sorry to hear about illness. I do think the saying is very true, that you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. Some mums seem to be able to detach themselves from their children's feelings, but I take them all on myself!

  9. It was cold here too but we still went to a folk festival where I danced with my group. Lovely photos of dramatic skies. Jo xx

  10. So chilly and grey... still. Sigh. It's our last weekend before swim galas start for a few weeks - how lovely if it was sunny and warmish this weekend! So glad you have a well again Angus, and oh my those cheese scones. Patch loves cheese scones with clotted cream, which is so much tastier than it initially sounds!


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