Tuesday, 5 March 2019

A Saturday

It's been a while since I did one of these posts, just documenting a normal Saturday in our house but with a camera in my hand, taking a photo every hour, give or take.

8.00 am
The day starts slowly and quietly because Bella and Angus slept over at my sister's house the night before, as John and I went out with some friends. I take a cup of tea back to bed and read my current book for a while, which I highly recommend by the way.

While I am downstairs making tea, someone hops up into my side of the bed.

9.00 am
With no children to pester for our usual pancakes, breakfast is a quiet affair of coffee, grapefruit and scrambled eggs. All that is missing is the weekend papers.

10.00 am
I always do a lot of washing on a Saturday. I put a load on most days, but on Saturday I do three or four, making sure all the school uniform is clean for the following week. Sunday usually involves a lot of ironing.

11.00 am and 12.00 pm
We pick up the children and go on to do some shopping and errands, the usual amount for a Saturday as there is little time to do this kind of non-urgent shopping after work on weekdays. Angus has just joined Cubs so we go to buy the required jumper, pop into Waitrose for some bits for dinner and a few Creme Eggs which somehow fall in the basket, top up Bella's mobile phone in the phone shop and stop off in Boots for the kind of lip balm and body lotion I like which Lidl doesn't sell. The car is parked opposite Hobbycraft so I call in and pick up some cream cotton yarn for dishcloths and some grey acrylic  DK to finish a blanket I have been making. While I am in there, John and the kids go into the pet shop next door and buy Ziggy a bone. Finally, I call into Next to pick out a sweatshirt for my nieces's upcoming eleventh birthday. Bella helps me choose the grey rainbow one while John and Angus moan that we've been in the shop for at least an hour. (It was in fact under ten minutes.)

1.00 pm 
Angus just moved up a level in his weekly swimming lessons. It has been a long time coming and so his treat was lunch out at a place of his choice and so naturally, since he is a nine year old boy, he chose Burger King. 

2.00 pm
Home, and the next hour flashes by in a mixture of domestic pottering and life admin. I put the shopping away, tidy up a bit, water the plants.

After pegging out the next load of washing, I wander around the garden a little, noticing how much colour has popped up over the last week. 

I move a pot full of hyacinths from the back garden to the front step, so I can see it more often. I sort through post, pay bills and go through the pile of receipts that has accumulated in my purse. In a fit of organisational planning that is most unlike me, I wrap my neice's gift, write her card and put both to one side ready for her birthday, then feel inordinately pleased with myself for not leaving both until the last minute as I usually do.

3.00 pm
John takes the dog out for a walk, Angus is playing out on his bike with some school friends who live on our road and Bella is doing homework in her room. I bake cookies, one batch of chocolate chip and one of oatmeal and raisin. 

4.00 pm and 5.00 pm
I have a cup of tea, Radio 4 is on and I am sitting at the kitchen table. I decide to get out the sewing machine and do something I've been meaning to do for months, make a proper fabric liner for our log basket to stop the bits of wood going all over the floor. I bought too much, and I sew two quick cushion covers with the leftover fabric.

6.00 pm
It's time to start thinking about dinner. John is going out with some colleagues so it's just the three of us. I make pizza, a Saturday night staple: Hawaiian for the kids, tuna, red onion and sweetcorn for me.

7.00 pm
Another hour that gets lost to tidying and jobs. I clean up the kitchen, fold the washing, tidy up (again), quickly vacuum, start hustling the kids towards bed.

8.00 pm, 9.00 pm, 10.00 pm
With John out, I have full control of the television and so I watch Midsummer Murders while making thirty woolen tassels to finish my blanket. Neither the programme nor the craft require any concentration from me which is perfect.

Ziggy keeps me company, only semi-relaxed tonight as he has one ear open for John's return and his ears prick up at the sound of every car door.

I get up to make a cup of tea and come back to find I've lost my seat. I stay up later than I should, engrossed in finishing my blanket and enjoying the solitude.

And that is one normal, mundane Saturday in our house. Not especially busy actually, that was a quiet one, and all the nicer for it. 


  1. What a lovely family day, it sounds simply perfect. Bertie is never quite settled until all of his pack are in the right place either. CJ xx

  2. I love your photos and getting to see what your day is like. I have been doing a photo memory keeping project called "Week in the Life" by USA memory keeper Ali Edwards for the past 10 years. It's documenting 7 days in your life just as you have here on your Saturday. These everyday moments and memories around the house are so important because things change, time flies by and we have also moved houses since starting the project. My kids were 4 and 2 at the time so having these everyday memories each year are so precious. I love pictures of "around the house" too. New to your blog a few months ago I love reading your blog posts. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. What a lovely day! Your photos are always so awesome you can even make a mug and the TV remote control look so artistic!! I can see your 'Liquorice Allsorts' blanket is getting the grey tassels. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished. Best, Jane x

  4. Your Saturday sounds a lot like mine. Always errands to do, some cleaning and cooking, and laundry - if I get a chance, if not, I do it on Sunday. You were smart to plant spring bulbs in the fall, so you now have pretty blooms to enjoy. I did not and I’m now wishing I would’ve. It’s amazing how much a mom does in day, isn’t it? Hope you are having a good week, Gillian!

  5. Also, forgot to mention that I have three tubes of Aveeno lotion around my house and one in my purse. It’s my favorite, too!

  6. Goodness, that wasn’t a busy one?! You seem to manage to pack so much in all the same, I don’t seem to achieve half so much on my weekend days. You’ve always impressed me in that way! :)

    S x

  7. Great post Gillian. Tassels already? looking forward to it. Jo x

  8. Wow, it seems like you packed a lot into your day! But I suppose because you are doing everything at a relaxed pace, it doesn't feel so busy. I loved your comment about feeling proud of yourself for getting the gift ready early! I don't do things like that too often, but when I do, I feel the same way. Guess we surprise ourselves once in a while!

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  10. The lovely everyday... in an oh-so-stylish way!

  11. Lovely post Gillian, thank you for sharing. I've bought that book too, it's very inspiring. Cathy x

  12. What a perfect Saturday, very much hope tomorrow goes like that for me. Do you think it's the reference to tassels that's prompted a comment from the lovely escorts of Mumbai?!

    1. 😂😂 yes, how kind of them to offer their services. I'm sure there's high demand in the crafting community.....

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  14. Great post it is nice to see others having a normal Saturday too, a lot of social media would have us all believe everyone else is off being exciting while we are home with the routine. Not true of course, love your photography.

  15. My you pack in a lot for a quiet Saturday. I had forgotten how much more energy one has when younger. Thoroughly enjoyable post and what a pretty home you have.

  16. I am impressed as to how much you managed to pack into a quiet Saturday too. Your contentment at home oozes from your blog and photographs. I love it!

  17. I find your blog last week on the blog page of great Attic 24, and I enjoyed your posts so much, that I am guest here every day, You are so inspiring and I want to thank You for sharing with us your beautifull life!

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  19. I have read this and admire your energy! I would've been wiped out by midday, but there again, in my 40s I could cope with all this, too. It sounded a good day even though you were so busy, and the blanket you have made is gorgeous!
    Margaret P


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