Monday, 12 November 2018


:: Enjoying :: Bonfire Night, one of my favourite nights of the year. We went with friends, met up with family, drank hot chocolate while chatting and watching the fireworks. There is something so nostalgic and warming about Bonfire Night for me, much more so than Halloween.

:: Eating :: cinnamon french toast with fruit compote, among other things.

:: Reading :: this (yes I caved and bought it) and Cover Her Face, because I do like a bit of PD James and, now that Bonfire Night is over with, I have a pile of Christmas themed chick-lit novels on my bedside table and I'm going to enjoy each and every one of them. 

:: Crocheting :: a blanket for my friend and colleague, using six strands of Stylecraft Special DK together and a 20mm hook, to make a super chunky throw. She loved it. 

:: Watching :: lots of true crime documentaries. It's not usually my thing but we have recently watched on Netflix The Staircase (excellent, gripping) and Evil Genius (very good). I have recently discovered the joy that is Fixer Upper (how had I never heard of this?! It's on ITV Be for British viewers) and hurrah, a new series of the magnificent Escape to the Chateau just started! It must be autumn because all the good TV is on, and a new series of Luther later in the year too. 

:: Gardening :: in the late autumn sun, cutting back, tidying up, planting bulbs and just generally putting the garden to bed for the season.

:: Walking :: in the woods at every opportunity because, when the leaves are as they are now in early November, why would you not?

Ziggy has calmed and settled down so much in the last few months, I almost dare hope that the tumultuous puppy phase is behind us. He is a joy. A chewer, yes, but a joy.

Our weekend walks as a family, especially when we're all so busy doing this and that, continue to be one of my favourite ways for us to spend time together without any distraction. I love it.

:: Working :: still, every weekend, on the hallway. We are now at the interminable "finishing off" stage, full of jobs which you think will only take twenty minutes but take two hours, like hanging a curtain track. But when I look at the difference between the stairs before and after sanding, I know that it's been worth the hard work. 

Thank you for your sympathies, get well wishes and cold remedies. I am feeling much better this week, and hope I stay germ free until Christmas, at least....


  1. I miss our old church bonfire - it had to cease because they needed the grassy plot by the church to turn into a carpark. We were invited to join in with the Scout and Brownie one but it was never the same. The trees are looking beautiful now and even though we have spent more than an hour or two recently going up and down the A1M the fact that they plant a mix of trees on the bankings now makes it a very colourful place to be!
    The Christmas Chronicles are a good read - I am halfway through - will finish it this year.
    Your staircase is looking wonderful - it is lovely when people appreciate the original fiitings in a home.

  2. We don't have Bonfire Night in this country, but I love reading about it in books and am glad it was such an enjoyable night for you.
    Most of November so far here has still been very mild, almost spring-like, but the colourful leaves and the daily growth of Christmas decoration all over town are clear signs of it definitely NOT being spring :-)
    Any work you do on and in your house is worth it - you do it for yourself, your home, your family!

  3. K. remembers Bonfire night being celebrated on the 5th, but here in Oz it was always the 25th May(I think that was the date) for Commonwealth day, but that has all gone now & basically the only fireworks that happen annually are at New Year. Your walks look lovely & just pottering round the garden whilst you can in mild weather is a bonus. Hope the stairway work doesn't take forever. Take care.

  4. Hi there Gillian. Love your ing post, so much to do outdoors. Christina at colourful life has a similar post up right now and so do I. We love writing them for a quick burst of the real us:

  5. Glad to hear you're over your illness :) That super chunky throw looks fab!! Six strands? I'm still just getting to grips with one LOL. I'm just trying to picture a 20mm hook! The stairs are looking great! Best, Jane

  6. I may have to steal your great idea for the throw, but boy that must have been heavy. I may only do 4 strands...

  7. I have watched little Ziggy grow into a handsome dog. He is a real credit to you !

  8. Love fireworks, unfortunately our pets are afraid of them - our Ziggy (the cat) hides under the table in the corner and Flora usually barks at them to see them off, but this year a loud firework frenzy in a neighbour's garden left her shivering, poor girl. How is your Ziggy, do they bother him? I love your blanket - six strands is serious yarn management! :) Great pictures. Have a lovely week. Jane x

  9. A chewer here as well. Beanie, lip salve, sock, hall mat, milk bottle top, and that's just this week. The throw is great, I love the idea of using all of those strands together to make it so thick. CJ xx

  10. Hi Gillian, I'm just trying to catch up. Sorry to be so behind in following along! I love the look of your month so far. I enjoyed seeing all your photos. The blanket is gorgeous, how did you ever manage six strands?! Wow. I think I'd make a huge mess of it. You should do a tutorial. :)

  11. Oh hurrah, another UK based Fixer Upper appreciator, I thought I was the only one! I long to be order stuff from their range at Target, even though it would not fit with the rest of our style AT all.

  12. I have a few Christmas chick-lit books, plus a Christmas mystery titled 'Christmas Caramel Murder' that I have been saving for December. Perhaps, since you're reading your Christmas books already, I can start mine! Your fall looks similar to ours, although I sure do wish we had bonfire night here. It looks glorious!

  13. Glad to hear you are feeling better... and what a lovely looking autumn time

  14. Gillian, I LOVE your pillow behind Ziggy in the chair...Did you make that? I'm sure you did. I may have to copy that one friend...Love your blog!

  15. Hello Gillian .i have become a regular reader of your blog and always look forwRd to reading seem to be always on the go doing something!which i admire.
    I love the thick throw and would like to make one for my daughter who is moving to her first own flat you have any details please.jane


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