Friday, 31 August 2018

Making the Seasons: August

Each month, when I introduce my Making the Seasons post, I waffle on a bit about how important it is for me to make time - even when I'm stupidly busy - to do something crafty and creative, about how good that is for my mental health and general well being, and it's absolutely true. I really do think that and never have I felt it so much as this month. I'm up to my eyeballs in dust and renovations (which, ahem, may have slightly slipped from my control...) and about to go back to work next week, and feeling a little overwhelmed by life if I'm honest. 

I had plans this week of a day sewing quietly with Radio 4 on in the background, perhaps making my dress, then doing some baking, maybe a little yoga...instead I am right in the middle of ripping up flooring and general mess and so I decided that what I would love to do would be to hand stamp some fabric and make a new peg bag and ironing board cover. I don't know why but it did, and still does, seem like a good idea.

The idea came about when I was distracted in IKEA last week by the fabric section. I had been looking for something to replace my horrible burnt, stained ironing board cover (I have a really bad habit of leaving the iron face down on the fabric while moving the clothes around, rather than moving it to the rack at the end, if that makes sense) but couldn't see anything just right. So, remembering I had half a jar of fabric paint left over from Angus's blind, I bought two metres of plain white cotton and decided to do some more potato stamping.

I love these lines of semi circles and the potatoes give the perfect amount of irregularity to the rows. With this paint, you simply iron the paint onto the fabric to seal it, and then it's good to be used and washed. Remember to put scrap fabric under and on top of your freshly stamped piece to avoid the paint seeping into your ironing board cover or staining your iron while you seal it. 

To make the cover, I just cut the fabric into an approximate ironing board shape plus a generous seam allowance and sewed a deep hem all the way around leaving a gap at the top for the elastic. Then, once the elastic is inserted into the hem with a safety pin, you pull it tight and knot it, simple as that. 

I fancied a smaller print for the peg bag so I used a pen lid and deodorant lid as my tools and just stamped them into an ink pad, and stamped away on the fabric.

I played around with a mixture of rows, interlocking circles and dots, and then heat sealed with the iron in the same way as the paint.

While I am loving the absence of colour here (so quiet! so calm!) I do feel that this peg bag is a little blah and would be enormously improved by a bright yellow or pink ribbon trim along the opening, but I didn't have any to hand. I may yet buy some and hand sew it on. That's if Ziggy doesn't grab it off the washing line and chew it to pieces first, like he did the last one. 

I am enjoying this suggestion of domestic bliss in the form of these everyday, utilitarian objects, all clean and new.

I am also enjoying the benefits of a closely cropped image, because when you zoom out...'s still a building site, and there's still a big pile of ironing to do and a never ending amount of washing to peg out on the line.

Please do pop along to Lucy's beautiful blog, Attic24, and read her Making the Seasons post. I am so enjoying this monthly project and can't believe this is the tenth post! 


  1. It's official :: you are SUPERWOMAN and I love the way you employ your superpowers!! Fabulous projects this month, they exude calm and chic designer style. Just lovely xxxxxx

  2. I love that you stick to your crafting and ignore that pile of ironing! I’m sure when you do get round to it your new cover will make it easier to do! Xx

  3. Both look really good, and good together. Yes, clean calmness and quiet, that is what they exude.
    Just when you are going back to work, I am finally going on holiday! August was immensely busy, as was July (apart from my short stint off work "thanks" to yet another operation), and now I am truly ripe for some rest.
    We're leaving on Tuesday for the Bavarian Forest, lots of hiking and walking during the day, plenty of good food (and drink) in the evenings, many hours of sleep at night and probably a spot of spa here and there in between.

  4. Procrastination! I'm getting to be quite a dab hand at it too! Perfect results for you though. Great job on both. I only iron when I get paid to do it, makes the task so much more enjoyable!

  5. Your determination to turn your attentions to craft work in the middle of your renovations is remarkable - when our house is in a muddle so is my head. We are having the rendering done outside at the moment and even though it is not affecting inside the house in any way I cannot put my mind to anything. It was a struggle to do the little stamping picture for my recent blog post and change the header picture!!
    Love what you have done - it will make the ironing and washing chores so much more pleasant.

  6. love the effects...A while back before the summer at my little crafty group we did a workshop with the children and id forgotten how great that side of printing is. we even used flat polystyrene sheets and engraved into them with pencils (a bit like lino printing) and stamped it was really effective. we did simple flower forms and shapes. always enjoy yours and lucy's makes and ideas ;)x

  7. Very cool and elegant, and I do so love printing. The children all had lino cutting kits to use over the summer hols, and I am waiting for my turn to swoop in and do some. I am trying to wait long enough so that it doesn't look as though I bought them mainly for me... CJ xx

  8. Oh the joy of a cropped life. If only we could just crop the best bits and not deal with the other part. great makes as ever Gillian. Jo x

  9. Ironing is definitely more fun with a beautiful cover. x

  10. I do love your current project. I can totally understand needing to get away from renovations to just breathe and get your head together a bit. Well done you! xx Susan

  11. You’re potato stamping looks so lovely! I was watching Anne of Green Gables the other week and a character potato stamped the walls with beautiful leaves and flowers in lieu of wall paper and goodness it was beautiful! I’m determined to play about in our next place. I hope your renovations are going well. Xx

  12. I love your ironing board cover! Such a great idea and so effective.

  13. My favourite - and most needed - time to sew is when I'm feeling slightly chaotic and need some peace... Do hope Ziggy resists the charms of your oh so stylish peg bag!

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  15. Sometimes you just have to ignore the mess and make something. Love your potato prints, those regular/irregular lines are so soothing to the eye. I too, burn my ironing board covers by not outting the iron back properly x


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