Monday, 6 August 2018

A New Handbag

The happy event of my friend Lucy marrying her fiance, Jamie, last Friday, meant that I had an excuse to purchase a rather beautiful dark, peacock green silk dress to wear to their wedding. I had a pair of shoes (Boden, leopard print heels, I LOVE them) but needed a bag. I didn't want a clutch bag because, while I like a clutch, they are a pain when you are trying to also hold a drink, canape, camera etc, and so a bag with a strap was necessary. It also needed to be big enough to hold a pair of flat sandals so that I could change shoes and do some dancing later. Can you tell I thought this through? Honestly, if only I was this thorough when planning everything in my life.

Happily, while browsing Instagram recently, I found this lady and then the pattern for this, her Half Moon Bag. It looked perfect, and I knew that I could use it time and time again after the wedding, so I bought and downloaded the pattern. 

It calls for Bobbiny 5mm Cotton Rope, which I'd not used before, but comes in a great range of colours. I chose peach which I thought would go well with the dark green, and bought mine from here.

The pattern is really easy and clear and, with a 10mm hook, fast to make too. You could easily make one in a couple of hours from start to finish. I always love the stitch definition you get from a large hook and chunky yarn.

The strap I ordered from eBay  and, with pattern, yarn and strap, the whole thing came in at around £20 which I thought was pretty good for a new bag.

Something I really liked about this pattern was the inclusion of a free, extra suggestion for the leftover yarn. Around a quarter of the ball was left, not enough to do anything with, but the designer had given a simple pattern for a crocheted basket which I thought was a nice touch.

Without that, it would've sat in my leftover yarn basket until I forgot all about it. 

But instead, I have a pretty peach basket for my little succulent.

I foresee more moon bags in my future, in different colours too. I like their cross-body, slouchy style, but could do with one slightly bigger. I wonder if I could modify the pattern slightly....

For now I'll leave you with a couple of photos of me and my bag. 

The wedding was completely and utterly lovely by the way, in the most beautiful setting deep in the West Sussex countryside, and I had so much fun sharing their happy day. 


  1. You look lovely and I'm so glad you enjoyed your day. How could you not with such a gorgeous bag though! (...and the HEELS! Can see why you love them). I'm thinking that my sadly dormant handbag fetish is about to get a bit of a boost. x Susan

  2. The bag is just lovely, and you look beautiful in your wedding outfit. Glad you had a wonderful day. xx

  3. You look great! I love your bag, it's really cute and the color is so pretty. I'm glad it was a fabulous day.

  4. Love the bag and the dress. Nothing like a good wedding to put a spring in your step.

  5. You look fab Gillian. The small handbag is a great idea. I went to a wedding with a clutch once and once only.... I am glad you had a wonderful time xx

  6. You look gorgeous Gillian, and the bag is a triumph. The yarn looks great to work with. Inspired by all the crochet everywhere I have just ordered a ball of yarn. I am crocheting something! Glad you had a lovely day at the wedding, your shoes are indeed excellent. CJ xx

  7. It is a gorgeous dress and suits you very well! As for the bag, in spite of it being a peach colour, it reminds me of a large slice of watermelon :-) Very refreshing during this heatwave! (38 Celsius last weekend here...)

  8. You look amazing and the peach shade of the bag is perfect with the green of your dress!

  9. I love your bag and the stitching you used for it. It is so cute for your succulent plant, too cute. Thanks for the share, have a fantastic rest of your week. Keep up the posts.
    World of Animals

  10. You look astonishing and the peach shade of the pack is immaculate with the green of your dress! A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this blog entry. Read here more for information 3+4 Chest of Drawers

  11. I love the bag and the basket and that is the perfect shade to compliment your dress. Great makes.

  12. Fab bag and a fab outfit. What a great way to use up the left overs... now there's an idea. Jo x

  13. You look gorgeous in that outhit and hat and of course that terrific bag, too!


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