Sunday, 1 July 2018

Proper Summer

It's really, really warm today. It has to be well over 30°C and there is no breeze, just a grey, headachy sky. I just popped up to Tescos (wine) and spent much longer in there than necessary enjoying their air conditioning. All the doors and windows at home are wide open and...nothing. I'm sweating just sitting here typing. I know those of you who live in warmer climates are probably laughing at me but the struggle is real. Our homes, schools and offices just aren't built to withstand very warm weather and so we all wilt. (It's like when it snows a tiny bit in the UK and everything grinds to a halt; our transport system and cars are not designed for seriously cold weather and so it's safer just to stay at home, light the stove and drink hot chocolate. Safety first.) I am trying really hard not to complain though because we have been enjoying such beautiful weather over the last month with day after day of warm, sunny weather and hardly any rain.  A storm would be good right now though, for my temper and for the garden which is looking a little parched.  

Poor Ziggy is not coping with the heat. Lethargic all day, he wakes up late at night when it's cool and suddenly needs letting out in the night again. He doesn't know what to do with himself and can't get comfortable on his bed. Our south-west facing bedroom is cool and airy all morning but by the time we go to bed it's an oven, even with the windows and balcony door open to cool it. I sleep with the windows wide open despite the pollen. (Other hayfever sufferers - do you also think this year has been particularly bad?) 

We went down to the beach after school on Friday and I swam in the sea for the first time this year. It was glorious.

The garden is just about holding up in this dry spell, although my erratic watering system probably isn't helping. It's all or nothing. But the sweet peas are slowly climbing and the redcurrants and blackcurrants are almost ready to be picked. I never know what to do with those currants but every year I enjoy thinking about the possibilities. 

I have the most ridiculous Saltwater sandal tan lines on my feet now. How is it that my legs don't really seem to tan but by feet are brown year round? It's getting to the point now where I can't really wear any other shoes but I have a wedding to go to in four weeks and I may need alternative footwear! I love my Saltwaters though. I have three pairs and wear them daily, and they last for years. What other shoes can I wear to work then to swim in the sea after work? Brilliant. 

We're watching a lot of football and I'm quite enjoying it. I'm not a huge football fan but I do like a sporting event where it takes over for a few weeks, like the Olympics or Wimbledon, and you get quite swept up in the whole thing. John says it's really open this year and anyone could win. (Except England, obviously...)

Our fruit intake has rapidly increased in this weather. We've been eating watermelons, mangos and Galia melons like they're going out of fashion, not to mention the British soft fruit season, and it's heavenly. A slice of watermelon, fresh from the fridge, is my current after school snack. We've been barbecuing lots more too, and I have some chicken breasts marinating in the fridge right now in a mixture of white wine, olive oil and herbs. We'll butterfly and grill it, and eat it with a tray of roasted vegetables I put in the oven a while ago. Actually, the kids probably won't eat half of those - I'd better stick a tray of oven chips in too. 

One last thing - something rather lovely happened. Our home is in this months issue (94) of Mollie Makes. I shrieked when I read the email from them as I think they feature really interesting, lovely homes and their home tour is always the first part of the magazine I read before the patterns or anything else. I'm a fan. Anyway...

Right, we need to light the barbecue, and I need to open that bottle of white wine. Have a great week!


  1. I've seen your weather in the news and I'm amazed that it's going on for so long. You've been having unusual weather this year, what with your snowy winter and now this prolonged heat wave. It's hot here, as normal, but not overly so. In fact, it may be hotter today where you are. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I don't think you sound like you're complaining, but it's okay with me if you are. You're looking very lovely and slim in that photo, I love your long skirt. Congrats on MM! How cool! I always knew you had what it takes as a decorator and homemaker, you're very talented.

  2. I haven't bought Mollie Makes before but will definitely by this issue and then I can say I know of this lady. You have a lovely home and deserve a feature page.
    I am just googling Saltwater sandals too - sometimes I think I live in my own little bubble - blogging is an education at times!
    Gorgeous photos - you have captured this summer really well.

  3. Congrats on the article. I am sweltering as well.

  4. That's true in the UK, just not used to the extremes. We do not have central AC, bain of my life, but we do put window units in the bedrooms. Today was 98F about 36.67C, it was hot. Poor Tuppy my cat came in and just pooped out on a little stool in the kitchen. Mad Dogs and English Woman had a Yard Sale yesterday in all this heat. Great about the article.

  5. Hi! It was here here at the beach finally today; had to run the AC for my pug.I can't imagine wearing shoes to swim, did I read that right? As for the about some fans, big box fans, and buy a window AC for your bedroom? You and your doggy need your rest. And last---next time butterfly the chicken before marinating for best effect. Enjoy the hot days and easy living, short and sandals, pretty soon winter and many many tedious layers will return.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  6. How nice to have been featured in this magazine! Although I wonder about the "beachy" - would you call your house "beachy"? You do manage to create a very summery look, though, that's for sure!
    It's been hot here this weekend, too, but the nights were pleasantly cool and even during the day, at 32 Celsius, it wasn't muggy or humid at all, just perfect with clear blue skies.
    I keep my windows shut and the blinds down from about 9 in the morning until close to sunset, that keeps the heat out of my South-facing flat.

  7. How lovely to see your home in Mollie Makes, it is very well deserved, you have created such a beautiful place. Yes to the hayfever, it has been a bit much this year. I have resorted to closing the windows when it's bad. Dog walking through acres of thick grass has been a bit of a sod though. Bertie has taken to lying down halfway through his walk and refusing to go any further. Fruit everywhere here as well, I do love fruit season. I'm never quite sure what to do with the blackcurrants either. I usually freeze them and throw a few on top of any crumble I happen to be making. I bet the beach was wonderful. I only really ever swim outside when it's hot, but yes, it is utterly blissful. CJ xx

  8. Congratulations on your magazine feature - how exciting! I'm sorry to hear it's so hot at night where you are - York is clearly a bit cooler and I am just loving this weather. It's like living in another country, with day after day of sun. A 'proper' summer, as you say.

  9. Same here in Gloucestershire, absolutely melting. Sports Day was postponed last Friday, I don't see it happening this Friday either. I know what you mean about legs. I have been wearing crop trousers for weeks now, and my feet have tan lines, and my calves are still lilly white?!

  10. Oooo, please post the whole Mollie Makes piece (once it's off the shelves) for those of us who can't get it? Can't see too much of your lovely home.
    We're in South Africa, and have the same problem as you but with the cold - people from UK etc can't believe we're 'freezing' in our homes when it's 12 degrees out but it's because our houses aren't built for it, no insulation or central heating, and terribly drafty.
    For your bedroom, would it help to keep it closed up all day? Windows closed and curtains drawn? This might keep the cool in from the night?
    Enjoy the warmth, we're at a very chilly 10 degrees today - with snow on the surrounding mountains - in triple layers indoors.

  11. I’m not surprised your house has been featured. It is stylish and gorgeous. Our bedroom is south facing and we keep the blind shut at all times and then open the windows in the evening, it does help a little I think x

  12. Oh, sizzling in Suffolk too! Though I am rather loving this amazing early summer... happy week!

  13. Just back from 2 weeks in Scotland and I couldn't believe how amazing the weather was. I packed chilly weather clothes and not enough summery things :-) Congrats on the Mollie Makes feature - your home is so gorgeous. x


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