Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A Miniature Craft Room in a Suitcase

Every now and then a crafting project comes along that sweeps you off your feet and captures your imagination in a way that nothing else can, and this was one such project. The idea of a room in a suitcase, or a portable dolls house, came from issue 93 of Mollie Makes and was created, along with some patterns for you to make at home, by Bethan of Little Lucciola, who makes and sells these little wonders from her Etsy shop, and you can see the room she created for the magazine in the photo below.

As soon as I saw Bethan's room in Mollie Makes, with the setting, styling and attention to detail, I felt so inspired to have a go at something similar myself. I had a chat with Bella and she wanted very much to get involved so we ordered a suitcase and made a plan.

Would you like a tour? You can hang your bag and coat on the peg rail right there. 

Pull up the stool at the desk and switch on the radio. The pencils are sharpened and knitting needles ready, fabric folded and paper rolled. 

The standing lamp behind the chair gives a soft light for reading. 

Take a seat in the arm chair - your current WIP is in a basket at your feet....

....and there's a lovely soft alpaca throw if you're cold.

Coffee or tea? I'll put the kettle on.

The footstool is a handy spare seat and the rug will keep your toes warm on those floorboards. 

Wouldn't you love a craft room like this? Oh, I would. I'd move in if I could. There's so much here I love; the table with the hairpin legs, the chair, the rug, the details like wall hangings and posters, the peg rail, the plants and little copper watering can... 

As always with this kind of project, I can hear a voice asking what and who it is for. Is it a toy? Is it for display? Aren't your children a bit old for this kind of thing? (At nine and eleven, NO!) Bella will play with this with her Maileg mice, and she and Angus were very involved in the making of the various parts. Even if they weren't actually cutting or painting or gluing, they were very often sat with me at the kitchen table while I was working on it, asking questions, suggesting things, playing with or making other things. But it's not really robust enough to seriously be a toy, some care does need to be taken with the furniture and tiny parts inside, some of which are sharp. So is it for me? Well the pleasure for me was in the making. Now it's finished, I have no use for it really, it was all about the process, and what an indulgent, imaginative and totally enjoyable one it was. 

I've spent a few hours over the last few weeks looking at dolls houses and miniatures online and it is so seductive. Not the period, Victorian style collectables, that's not my cup of tea, but I love it when people create a modern home, like you'd actually live in, in miniature. And when the interior design is beautiful too, even better. It's an internet rabbit hole I quite happily fell down and I could, with enough time and money, get quite obsessed with the miniature world so it's probably best for everyone if I don't. I'll just stick to small projects like suitcases for now.


I tried, as much as possible, to use things I already had. To just go out and buy everything ready made from a dolls house supply website seemed too easy, not to mention expensive. The fun for me is in making these little things, especially if I can repurpose something ordinary from around the house. Over the years I've amassed a reasonable collection of useful crafting tools and kit such as a glue gun, spray paint in various colours, beads and buttons in different sizes, string, yarn etc so I didn't need to buy much. I did spend around £20 on some pieces of balsa wood in various sizes and thicknesses, a small amount of wooden dowel, wooden discs and some more chunky wooden beads. I also bought the suitcase, which at £15 for a set of three seemed good value, and the two smaller cases are already in use in Bella's bedroom. I also, with the children's permission of course, took some small accessories from their Playmobil sets and perked them up a little. 


The thing I always want to know when seeing handmade miniatures is how they were made, so below I've listed everything I made for anyone who might be interested. Please ask in the comments if there is anything you'd like to know.

Suitcase: this measures approximately 30 x 20 x 10 cm. I painted the inside with white emulsion and drew on floorboards with pencil and ruler. On the back wall, I used crafting paper to create a half-wall of wallpaper, and used a strip of balsa wood to make a picture ledge that ran above it. 

 Desk: a small piece of balsa wood and four long hair/kirby grips. I slightly opened each grip and sprayed them copper before gluing them to the underside of the table.

Basket: a plastic lid from a bottle of mouthwash covered with glue and wrapped around with string (and all done, including the rolls of paper, by Bella).

Chair: small squares of foam covered in grey fabric (living room curtain off-cuts) with balsa wood arms and legs.

Bookcase: pinched from Bella's existing dolls house and sprayed white, then stocked with folded fabric and felt.

 Lampshade: a plastic roll-on deodorant lid sprayed copper.

Textiles: a knitted throw (some lovely alpaca yarn on 3mm needles) and a chunky crochet cushion (cotton yarn on a 3mm hook).

Coffee table: a wooden disc, bought just like that, and wooden dowel legs glued on.

Yarn basket: wool felt sewn together on each corner with blanket stitch. The balls of yarn are little pieces of plastic straw with wool wrapped tightly around each with a needle, and the knitting needles are tooth picks with a tiny wooden bead glued to the top.

Rug: now this is ingenious and, like the yarn and knitting needles, one of the patterns that came with the magazine. You draw your circle shapes onto a sheet of paper, then stick clear plastic over the top. You gradually glue your spirals of string until you have the desired shape then wait for it to dry, them simply peel away the plastic sheet. It's ingenious.

Footstool: just dark grey wool yarn in DC, stuffed with toy stuffing.

Standing lamp: the base is three lengths of dowel glued together and the shade is a section of the inner tube of toilet roll covered in fabric.

Plants: chunky wooden beads, sprayed copper or left natural, and filled with small bits I snipped off any fake plants I could find in the house. The trailing plant is just embroidery silk threaded with tiny random pieces of felt.

Desk accessories: the needles sit in the lid from a spray bottle of leave-in conditioner, while the pencils are in a Playmobil bucket that I spray painted copper. The knitting needles are toothpicks topped with beads as before, and pins. The pencils are toothpicks snapped in half with their tips coloured with felt pen. Angus made those.

Other accessories: all Playmobil parts taken and repurposed. I especially love the little copper watering can. It was purple before. 

Wall hanging: a curtain ring sprayed copper and hung with small lengths of cotton yarn.

Stool: a  plastic milk bottle lid, four hair grips and an off-cut of fake sheepskin. As with the desk, the hair grips were stretched open and sprayed before being glued to the sheepskin-covered lid.

Pictures: possibly my favourite part. I found photos on my computer and edited them so that they were tightly cropped and with exaggerated colour and contrast, so they showed up well. I cut and pasted them into a Word document, played around with size, then printed them onto white card. The frames are just crafting matchsticks.

I do hope you've enjoyed looking around this tiny room. If you have a favourite corner or item I'd love to hear it. 


  1. Ah What fun! I remember you being a little bit in awe of my girls dolls houses when I showed the room on my blog. My friend loves life in miniature too. I love the shelf and all the lovely fabric of course! Jo xxx

  2. How lovely,& great that you have shown how it was achieved☺

  3. Thank you for so generously sharing how you did this.

  4. You're little suitcase house is quite exquisite and a wonderful miniature of the home you actually live in. I could so fall down the rabbit hole with this pastime if I had the patience.

  5. I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this and I love that you made bits of it with the kids too. My previous fav thing you did was the advent calendar parcels which had elements of this project with all the little intricate details.

    But the pictures from your own pictures ??? To DIE for.

    Such a great project, thanks for sharing it.


  6. WOW that is amazing.....the end result was something but seeing the little bits and pieces you used to make it was even more interesting. Well done.

  7. Gosh, I feel kind of speechless, in a good way. You really are the most creative person I know, possibly ever!

  8. Way clever! Love all the ingenuity to make things and I'm sure your children enjoyed being part of the process. This is the kind of summer memories that last.

  9. This is just so awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a detailed blog post about making the miniature craft room. I've been admiring your pictures of it on Instagram. :-)

  10. I could now fill this comment with all the "fantastic" and "great" adjectives I can think of, plus an extraordinary amount of exclamation marks - but let me just say that I love, love, LOVE this room in a suitcase! My favourite touch is probably that you have put up in miniature the pictures and needlework you have in real life size in your home.
    Well done, you and Bella and Angus!

  11. What a great project. Your attention to detail is amazing. I too love your little pictures!

  12. Wow, this is amazing! And it's all so clever! I never imagined a deodorant lid would make such a great lampshade :)

  13. I love it! I want one! You are clever...

  14. Absolutely wonderful.
    Charming and timeless.
    Linda (France).

  15. Oh my goodness me, WOW, it's amazing. The details! And the best bit is it looks exactly like your house. If someone had shown it to me I would have known instantly. You're so clever at this stuff Gillian, it's absolutely brilliant. I imagine the children loved joining in as well. CJ xx

  16. I absolutely love this, so creative and such fun. I can just about see you at the bottom of the rabbit hole!

  17. Gillian, you have such an eye and skill for this tiny detail sort of thing. I had to keep the computer turned away from my almost 6-year old daughter because if she saw this, she would definitely want me to try it! I don't have the patience for something like this though. I think the mini pictures are my favorite too.

  18. Oh my GOODNESS!!! That is truly amazing, it actually made my heart beat a bit faster! Such incredible attention to detail, I honestly couldn't choose a favourite bit. This needs to be kept as a family heirloom, it's just wonderful. I do enjoy your blog, I think I'm not too far from you in Lee on Solent, so it's lovely to see places I recognise in your blog. Keep up the great work!

  19. One of my most favorite posts!!! Love this idea and so agree with you about modern rooms portrayed. I like miniatures but Victorians just creep me out. LOL! I would love to see a pic with something like a coffee mug beside it so I can grasp the scale. I was shocked at how small the picture frames were when pictured in hand...So now I wonder at the overall...I love the literal hairpin table furniture and seat the best! Thank you for sharing your creativity and your lovely blog!

  20. Love love love it!!!! Oh so tempted!! Thanks ever so much for sharing!

  21. Absolutely amazing! So much attention to detail. You are one very creative lady, Gillian!

  22. That is the cutest thing - you must have a lot of patience. I can't decide which bit is my favourite.

  23. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done you three. The pictures are my favourite thing too - amazing.

  24. So lovely. I love the way you use daily objects to transform them in tiny sweety things. Have a nice day !

  25. I absolutely love this and I'm so glad you shared how you made all the bits and pieces – I've been intrigued ever since I saw your pics on IG. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do something like this! Love it all. S x

  26. Ohh my goodness!!! I love love that you showed how to make everything. I also adore that your kids were in on it, and what you said about the process of making it gave me goosebumps x so happy that I had a part in inspiring this!

  27. What a fabulous project, kind of upmarket Blue Peter! I love that you've styled your miniature craft room as you've styled your house - the reduced down pics of your embroideries and posters are a brilliant touch. Jxx

  28. So beautiful!Congratulations!I love it!AriadnefromGreece!

  29. Oh my gosh, this is so lovely and enticing. I loved that it reflects the style of your own home; I knew instantly it was yours. Love the footstool, and the yard basket and the wall hangings!

  30. I loved this post, i think the potted plants are brilliant.

  31. Wowsers. That. Is. Brilliant. Well done Gillian & Bella

  32. So gorgeous! I've loved looking around, thank you... particularly like the spot to relax in the chair with woolly wip by the side. It's great how you have repurposed and used found objects - makes me think of The Borrowers

  33. such a wonderful idea!! i just cant stop looking at all the individual details, so much time has gone in to it! Amazing!!. Its like a photograph o your home. My daughter is 11yrs and she loved this idea!, we do already have a few of these smaller cases so i'm thinking a little summer project for her to do. We are in the process of de-cluttering her bedroom as now she's towards the teen years we feel she needs to have a bit more of a grown up bedroom. There's still quite a few tings she still loves about her bedroom and i dont want her to grow up too quick and i want to keepsake quite a few of her fav toys...its trying to find a balance for her. We want to get her an ikea desk we've seen and have a little space for her to make and draw. I always get inspired by your home in a lot of ways I am more into 50s styles, but I do have a love for all different styles and all our rooms in my cottage seem to have different styles...ever changing it around. kazzy x


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