Monday, 8 January 2018

2017: A Year of Making

Every January, for as long as I have been blogging, I like to take a look back at the previous year's crafting and making. I find it really interesting; which months were more productive than others, what I was doing at different times of the year, and the sorts of colours and projects I choose depending on the seasons. 

Crafting in the first half of 2017 was dominated by the redecoration of all our bedrooms, as I stamped blinds and bedding, made wall hangings and garlands, and painted furniture. There were also a couple of larger crochet projects there too, like a cardigan and blanket. Then there were my crocheted fruit and vegetables over the summer, plus lots of yarny animals and birds. As autumn arrived it was a mixture of cosy home projects and gifts for family and friends.

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I think that, if I had to choose one favourite make, then it would be my embroidered holiday diary from our trip to France in August. Not only was it a complete joy to sew, but it holds so many happy memories for me. Crochet continues to be one of the most rewarding hobbies I have ever taken up, although I didn't intend to make quite so many animals and birds.

Looking back over last year's post, I see that I failed to master colour work or tapestry crochet, or make that patchwork quilt I've been talking about for the last few years, or sew any clothes. Never mind, maybe this year will feel like the right time. But I do have an idea for a blanket simmering away in my head, and I am about to pick up my knitting needles again, so I'm sure I'll have lots to share with you soon.


  1. Lovely to see all your fabulous makes together like this. You made some great stuff in 2017. Looking forward to seeing what you make this year.

  2. What a productive year Gillian. I love to see your beautiful makes and home renovations.
    Jacquie x

  3. Some gorgeous makes, you should be very proud.

  4. What a lovely post. It's so nice to see all your gorgeous projects in one place. Here's to a productive 2018. xx

  5. I loved all your craft projects and remember some of them very well, particularly Angus' bedroom things and your France holiday diary.

  6. It’s nice to look back isn’t it? It’s a nice reminder of how much we did actually manage to accomplish!

    S x

  7. Well done you & it certainly was a productive year. Maybe you didn't achieve some things, but at least you are enjoying what you are doing & that is what matters. Look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2018. Take care.

  8. It is always good to take stock at the beginning of a new year. I have done the same last week, just to remind me where I am now and where I want to go. All your crochet animals are super-cute, my favourites are the flamingo and the mallard. Love birds. I look forward to your new year of making beautiful things. x

  9. Wow, what a creative year you have had. My year has been creatively lacking, but I'm hoping to make it up this year as I'm brimming with creative ideas and things I want to make. I always think this year is the year to sew and properly master knitting, but I seem to always never get round to it. Maybe this year is it! ha ha!

    I look forward to seeing your creative makes this year Gillian and what is inspiring you.

    Have a super 2018

    Love Vanessa xxx

  10. You're a one-woman craft wave! Absolutely amazing what you've achieved in one year, and all of it beautiful. You're an inspiration Gillian. I shall look forward to seeing what you make next. CJ xx

  11. A brilliant year of makes, I remember the crochet veggies in particular and absolutely loved those. Looking forward to seeing what's next. Jxx

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  13. Looks like you have a house full of lovely handmade goodness Gillian! You are showing your kids that if you want it, you can make it, which is a great quality in this age of big box consumerism. And you get pleasure from all of the making, which is most important.

  14. I love reading your blog. You are an amazing whirl wind of craftiness. Xxx

  15. I love reading your blog. You are an amazing whirl wind of craftiness. Xxx

  16. I don't have a blog, but when I see lovely posts like this that have such a nice record of everything made during a year it's tempting to start one! I'm sure no one would read it, but the act of recording and looking back on your makes and activities is very appealing. You've done a lot! Most of my stuff is just recorded on Ravelry which is lovely but not so aesthetically pleasing! Well done with all the makes.

  17. I particularly like the colours in the January to March photos - I remember you doing the bedrooms. I also love your crotched animals and fruits and veg but like you I absolutely love your French embroidered journal of your holiday.
    Looking forward to your crafting year this year.

  18. They are all such gorgeous makes Gillian, and you finish them beautifully. It's wonderful to see them displayed altogether like this and I'm sure I'd struggle to choose a favourite.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce this year. X

  19. Hey Gillian,
    The things is, I'm aware that you find great joy satisfaction from the gorgeous things that you make. But I honestly don't know how you manage to fit it all in!! You are quite amazing. I can barely lift my arm to the gin bottle of an evening, let alone create anything utterly fabulous. I love the bag that you made, and of course the animals. And the fruit, wall hanging and holiday embroidery. All of it really. I wonder what makes 2018 will bring?
    Leanne xx

  20. You have such a smooth style about your makes Gillian. If I did boards they would be so random!


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