Thursday, 12 October 2017

A Little Room Refresh

I had been thinking for some time about repainting the wall in our porch/lobby area. The room holds a couple of pieces of furniture; a white shoe rack and a stool, both IKEA, but mainly it's a room we pass through before going into the entrance hall.  It was a bright green before, sometimes called Kelly green I believe, and you can see a photo of what it was like before and after at the bottom of this post. I did like the green but it's easy to tire of such a strong colour and, since there is only one plastered wall in the porch (the other three being glass windows and doors) it's quick to repaint. I used the same dark grey* we already have in our dining room, partly because I love it, and - ever thrifty - we have a lot of it left over in the garage. This little redecoration gave me an opportunity to play around with pictures and lights, and make the room a little more practical. 

At around the same time, Sainsbury's got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to review some items from their new Home ranges for Autumn/Winter. I had a look and decided straight away that their Nordic Skies range was very much my cup of tea and contained some really lovely pieces that I knew would work really well in our home, and so I chose some items.

Something that was going to be very useful was a set of these wooden peg hooks which will hold Ziggy's lead and other dog walking paraphernalia. We are all of us - dog and humans - counting down the days until he's twelve weeks old and can go out for walks and burn off some of his energy, and perhaps sleep a little better at night.

A basket sits under the rack, ready to hold things like poo bags, old tea towels to wipe muddy paws, treats, a coat. I also crocheted a new cover for the stool, in some gorgeous chunky mustard yarn, as the old one had seen better days.

These tealight houses look lovely perched on top of the shoe rack. Bella has her eye on them and I don't think it'll be long before I find them up in her bedroom.

I think this lidded storage basket is brilliant. It holds my yarn and it has a lid, which makes a perfect little table and somewhere to put my cup of tea. Usually I put my cup of tea on the floor, where I inevitably knock it over. Honestly, I tell the children off for doing things like that...

I absolutely adore this small geometric cushion - the colours and pattern are so soothing, and the crewel work texture is nicely done. 

This larger, cotton cushion is squishy and comfortable, perfect for reading in bed. Both cushions have removable, washable covers, which is important, especially in a house with children and a dog. (And adults who always knock over their cups of tea.)

I have dotted these tree ormanents here and there around the house; on the mantel in the living room, and in Angus's bedroom. They fit well with the other pieces in his room and he likes using them as props when he plays. They would also look great dotted along a table as part of a winter or Christmas dinner setting. 

For the kitchen, I was very practical. Another sieve is always useful, and I like the smaller size of this one and the silicone handle.

And a cake tin, because you can never have too many. Especially when they are filled with cake.

While the ranges are available in the stores, it doesn't seem that the full Nordic Skies range is on the Sainsbury's website yet. I've included links where I can find them, but for those items without links I've just included as much information as I have. I hope Sainsbury's sort this out soon and sell their full range online. Not everyone has a Sainsbury's near them, or can get to one, so it would make sense for them to make it easier for customers to shop their Home ranges from their website. Especially when the products are so good and well priced.

Wooden peg hooks £6
LED Houses, set of three £12
Metal storage basket £16
Crewel Geo Cushion £12
Tree objet £9

And finally, the porch before and after:

This is a sponsored post. All products were gifted to me by Sainsbury's. All opinions are my own, and I hope you all know that I wouldn't write about something here if I didn't genuinely like it or think it was worth having in our home. 

* Empirical Grey by Valspar, from B&Q. 


  1. The porch is looking lovely Gillian, that grey is gorgeous. Nice to see your wall hanging too. I've been thinking about it lately and wishing I had one to cover up some blu-tack marks in the kitchen. I really ought to have a look at the pattern you used and see if I can manage it. The basket is a great idea, and the tin is really pretty; as you say, you can never have to many. I remember a whole pile of tins in the larder when I was little, all filled with cakes and shortbread and things. CJ xx

  2. All of this decor seems right up your alley! They really must know your tastse. Maybe they based this line on you. :) The porch looks very nice. I love the artwork above the cabinet. I agree about the small sieve; I recently replaced an old, rusting metal one with a new plastic one that I love, I use it every day. I never had a small one before the old metal one and I don't know why, it's proved very useful to have a little sieve handy.

  3. I absolutely love the way your house looks, the grey walls being my favorite and the clean lines and the yarn basket and, and, and! :-)

  4. Hey Gillian,
    I have the crewel work cushion. I love it. I'm liking the look of those hooks too. I love the grey wall. That's the beauty of paint; you can just freshen up in a hour or two and change the whole mood of a room.
    Leanne xx

  5. I spend ages browsing the Sainsbury's clothes and homewares aisles each week when I should be shopping for the groceries - they have some great things and your pictures show the items you have chosen very well. I haven't seen these in my local store yet but then the last two shops have been accompanied by my OH and he has virtually whizzed me through the non-food section!
    PS I like the grey and the print you have chosen and I will definitely be buying the little peg hook.

  6. I love the green, it is my favourite colour but the grey makes the whole space work with the dog gubbins. That basket thingy is fantastic for £16. I don't have space for one but if I did I would have one in a flash. Jo xxx

  7. Lovely Gillian & although I loved your porch before, I now think it is very grown up & sophisticated. The basket/table with storage is really funky. I must admit to liking both Sainsburys & Next when we visit UK for homewares & wish I could stuff some in my luggage. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  8. This range really suits your style - it's gorgeous. I loved your porch in the green, but think the grey is even better. The lidded table looks really useful as well as pretty. xx

  9. It's a great range of products and would not look out of place in my flat, either! I am usually not one for wanting many ornaments around, but I really like the trees and the tealight houses. The cushions are wonderful, too. I never buy cushions that can't have the covers easily taken off, even without having children or pets at home - if I can't wash it, I don't want it :-)

  10. I really liked the green, but I have to say the grey looks even better! Love it. Great pics in this post. Youve given me a serious case of the wanties!

    S x

  11. ooo pretties. These fit into your space really well. Just a thought about puppy energy- from the very limited experience I have (seeing a puppy in training at my house) - get him working (learning commands etc) for treats so he uses his brain which will tire him out, while he can't do long walks. and lots of naps! (our 17 week old lab/retriever slept for an hour every 2 or 3 and 8 hrs at night)

  12. The green was cheery, though the grey looks oh so stylish. Love the new additions... rather envious of your wool storage!

  13. It does all look lovely - I like the porch makeover. I don't change things around as often as I'd like in our house as I never know what to do with the things I remove! I don't want to accumulate 'stuff' and my husband is not one for storing things, he likes to get rid of things we don't use. Your style is lovely as always, and I'm very tempted by the storage basket with lid, for the same reason - yarn and tea!

  14. Your decorating is lovely. Grey is my favourite colour at the moment and my 1960s bungalow has a grey lounge, bedroom and stairs. I am definitely going to have a spend on some of the items you have brought. x


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