Sunday, 6 August 2017

Room Tour: Our Bedroom

My favourite room in our house is usually the one I have most recently decorated, and that is certainly so here. I adore this room and I am over the moon with how it has turned out, considering all we've done is decorate and move furniture around.

After painting the ceiling, walls and floorboards white, we moved the bed onto the wall under the picture ledge - previously it had been positioned so that you faced the window when sitting in bed - so that you see it as soon as you enter the room. I prefer it here, and it's easier to move around the bed. I changed a few pictures and moved ones from other parts of the house, and the bedside tables and lamps are as before.

When the lampshade on our overhead light fell apart when taken down, I bought a new one and love this rattan shade. It casts such a warm, filtered light around the room which really helps with all that white.

One thing we did buy is a new mirror. You can see what the old one was like here, and it was so small - we all irritated each other by trying to stand in front of it at the same time. I love this mirror for it's simplicity and the way it sits on the floor (although don't worry, it is very securely fixed to the wall) and bounces so much more light around the room. This bedroom - like all our bedrooms - is small and so you need all the decorating tricks.

Our other purchase was this little set of shelves. I really like the open quality of the design.

The chest of drawers used to live downstairs in our living room. I kept it as it was and just painted the handles white. It is larger than the one we previously had and gives us more much needed storage.

Grandma's planter looks lovely in here now. I like having some natural wood tones in the room, rather than everything white, as it warms is up a bit and provides a bit of interest.

The rugs are ones I made a couple of years ago and sit either side of the bed. They have some nice grey sheepskins in IKEA which may find their way into my trolley during a future visit.

You may remember I painted my dressing table two years ago. While I always liked the off-white colour I was really disappointed with how the chalk paint wore over time. So I sanded it all right back to the wood (that was a right job, let me tell you - my poor nails!) and painted it with two coats of undercoat and then two of white water based eggshell. I also repainted the handles the same grey as the chair.

It looks sharper and cleaner now. And do you see that gorgeous grey Robert's radio on top? It used to belong to my Grandma and sat on her dressing table. My mum recently passed it on to me. It crackles a little when you switch it on and off but is otherwise sound.

There are a lot of plants, eight I think. And I deliberately added black here and there as I think the room really needs a little black to add contrast and break up all the white, pink and grey.

I hope you like it. I enjoyed this project hugely, and John really likes it too (which is handy). I'm pleased with how much I was able to change just by repainting or moving things around, rather than buying new, and we tried as hard as possible to stick to a budget without being too strict about it. 

Useful links:

Wall paint - pure brilliant white emulsion by Valspar from B&Q
Lampshade - Homebase
Mirror - IKEA
Shelves - Skandium
Pink hanging planter and fairy lights around mirror - Tiger


  1. Your bedroom is lovely, Gillian. Well done on all your hard work. I love the dressing table/desk now that it's been repainted. I've not tried chalk paint but we love water-based eggshell and used that in our bedroom dressing chest, too. Your room looks restful as well as fresh. It's delightful. You are right about black; every room should have a touch of black. I can't remember which designer said this first, whether it was John Fowler or Roger Banks Pye, but I know a designer said it, and they're right. It's like a punctuation mark in a room.
    Margaret P

  2. What a wonderful room. It looks so calm and soothing. I always wonder when people paint their bedrooms so violent color. I need soothing colors to go to sleep. I really like your rugs, I don't think I'd replace them.

  3. Gorgeous bedroom!!! I am sure it is wonderful to be in ! a lot of work but obviously very worth it. Take care from Iowa

  4. Wow, what a beautiful bedroom. I love the white, it's so light and airy. I envy you all those plants in your bedroom. I don't think they would survive in mine, at the back of the house with only northern exposure. Your duvet cover is really pretty. That's the same kind of design I'd like when I replace ours, which is now five years old and looking so ratty. You both did a great job!

  5. How lovely and fresh everything is. I love those old radios. The sound from them is much preferable to the new style ones. I would be worried a little that your door handle will bang into your fabulous new mirror when the door is flung open! Apart from that, the room is adorable. I've just finished doing up my spare room for my Granddaughters and it took me much longer than I'd anticipated but the end result is very pleasing.

  6. You've made a lovely job of it Gillian, all that beautiful light and clean lines. Nicely done. CJ xx

  7. It looks lovely & you must be so proud. Wish I had the knack of decorating or maybe it's just that I don't like this house. We bought it in too much of a hurry as our old place sold in less than a week. The bright & light look is good for the soul& oh, that radio brings back a lot of memories for me, as I had one very similar. Your rugs are doing well, as I remember you making those. Well done to you both. Have a good week & take care. Happy holiday too.


  8. Gorgeous bedroom!!! I am sure it is wonderful to be in ! a lot of work but obviously very worth it. Take care from Iowa


  9. Your "new" bedroom has a very calm and soothing look now. Not that it wasn't calm before, just darker of course. I really like it! Your new set of shelves looks just like the ones I used to have in my room as a child/teenager, "leftovers" from my parents' first furniture in 1965, only that the metal bits were black.

  10. your bedroom looks really relaxing and I'm sure guarantees a perfect nights sleep, love the large mirror and especially adore your dressing table chair x

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  12. Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful. So clean, calm and fresh with all the white; relaxing and comforting with your exquisite finishing touches.

  13. Absolutely beautiful. Is it really 2 years since you painted your dressing table? Gosh, doesn't time fly?! - I remember you doing that. I love the fact that you have your Grandma's radio too. xx

  14. I jumped on the chalk paint bandwagon, expensive as it was and truly hated it. Didn't like the finish, it was not a one coat only job, as a matter of fact 3 or 4 coats, so I'll stick with good ole latex and lots of pre-finish sanding for smooth coverage. Your master bedroom is gorgeous! I love the changes you made. You are an expert at design in my humble opinion!

  15. Hey Gillian,
    I love everything about your bedroom. It's amazing what a luck of paint, a re shuffle of furniture and a few well thought purchases can have such an effect. I love the Tiger planter. I'm off to Bristol this weekend, and will endeavour to get to the shop! You really have an eye, my friend.
    Leanne xx

  16. So fresh! Love the new main lightshade. Always good to see a bit of rattan in a room!
    May have to visit Tiger as I do like the hanging planter.
    A huge success.
    Lisa x

  17. It's so lovely Gillian. You've worked your magic, as always. It looks so fresh, yet calm and serene at the same time. Your finishing touches set it all off beautifully. X

  18. Looks like a lovely calm and peaceful place. Like your collection of Persephone books.

  19. What a lovely room to relax and rest. I love the crochet rug.

  20. Looks very restful and a great accomplishment. I bought an Osted rug from IKEA last week to cover the patch where I have my feet when I knit - I seem to have worn it out?!


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