Thursday, 12 January 2017

Winter Project - Granny Stripe Blanket

This month I am working on Angus's blanket. There is something comforting about having a blanket to crochet, especially in January, and the warmth and colour are welcome on these cold, grey days.

I've been working on this project since the summer and have not always found it the most exciting WIP, I have to confess, but I think I'm nearing the halfway mark now and that - plus motherly guilt - has given me some impetus to complete this project. I mentioned in my last post - and thank you so much for your comments on that - how I am feel a little stuck in a crochet rut, a little in need of a challenge, and this project is weighing me down a bit.

I think that one of the nicest things about this blanket - how easy it is - is also the problem. If I'm tired, this doesn't wake me up, it sends me to sleep. It's the crochet equivalent of cocoa. Sometimes the repetitive pattern is soothing, yes, but sometimes it's dull too. You can't have it all ways.

I am happy with the colours though. I had a wobble this week that there was too much pink in it for a boy's blanket, then got cross with myself for being so completely, gender-stereotypically, ridiculous. But yes, I like the colours. Those ones below - mustard, grey, white, teal and olive green - all together make me feel both content and inspired.

I worked out that if I crocheted two rows of one colour a night (about an hour's crochet) then I could complete this blanket in a couple of months. Probably even by the end of February. It would be nice to have this on Angus's bed before spring rolls around.

For this blanket, I am using a mixture of mostly Stylecraft Special DK with some Deramores Studio DK and a 4 mm hook.

The Stylecraft Special DK colours are:


The Deramores Studio DK colours are below with Stylecraft suggestions for a close match in brackets:
blush (raspberry or pomegranate)
topaz (aster or turquoise)
indigo (midnight)

I am joining in with my friend Jennifer of Thistlebear's Winter Project Link Party. Do visit her beautiful blog if you don't already know it for some crafty inspiration. 


  1. I love the colours, too. Angus will love it. I am trying to finish a scarf before the winter is over... it is the tedium equivalent to your granny stripes and really really boring. xx

  2. I love your colours and I'm sure that Angus will too. I haven't crocheted for a while but your blanket has given me the urge to pick up my hook again. xx

  3. The colours are beautiful together and perfect for a boy! I quite agree that crochet can be somewhat sleep inducing but cocoa :) xx

  4. The colors are great and really work well with each other, no clashing.

  5. It looks very nice, and in my opinion, there is not too much pink in it.

  6. It is so lovely and colourful, I feel warmer just by looking at it.

  7. It's looking good & the colours are lovely. I was doing about the same as you each night (2 rows of 1 colour), on my cupcake rug, and have now finished the body of it and only have the borders to do. Feels good, but some nights have been too hot lately & I've been working on other craft. Have a great weekend and take care.

  8. It looks really lovely and I am sure that Angus will love it. I know what you mean about blankets though, it is lovely when you want something you can just do, but sometimes you do feel you are just repeating yourself - which you are of course! - I am trying to finish a blanket myself and am wishing it done as I want a change. Hope you enjoy finishing it, a couple of stripes a night seems like a good plan!

  9. It's looking lovely Gillian. Blankets are funny things aren't they. Heavy going at times but when it's done I always miss the ease of it. I love that it has pink in it. Girls can't hijack a whole colour for themselves! My littlest boy likes pink. No doubt eventually someone will tell him it's not allowed. Hope you have a good weekend with a little relaxing crochet time. CJ xx

  10. Beautiful colours... Patch's favourite colour was pink, though he became less keen during his first couple of years at school. I do like a gentle blanket to accompany tellie and catch up watching, but at other times the gentleness can quickly become sleepiness!

  11. It is so beautiful, you picked the perfect colors.

  12. I think the colors are beautiful. I like the pink; it's different. I would probably want to be sparing with it myself, but a little is good. You've made good progress. I have the same problem with "easy" projects - they're like a sleeping pill much of the time. I have to work on them early in the day, in bright sun, or else I'm nodding off. Thanks for joining in with my link party. :)

  13. I think you have chosen lovely colours Gillian. They work beautifully together. Blankets can be time consuming projects. Try not to be rigid with a timescale or it could become become chore. X

  14. I love the colours you're using and you're totally right...granny stripes are like cocoa! This is my first Link Party so I'm off to explore your blog some more ;) x

  15. This blanket is so beautiful - I know what you mean about repetitive projects though, I do tend to get sleepy too! It will be so loved when it is done :) xx

  16. I love the colours. I'd really like to try making a blanket like this but at the moment I'm midway through a granny square blanket, must finish that first otherwise I fear I'll end up with lots of little unfinished blankets haha x x

  17. It's hard to crochet blankets when you run out of steam. I have a blanket wip I started when I first learned to crochet 2 years ago, sigh. I love your blanket, It'll be so nice and snuggly for a boys bed.

  18. I love the colours in this blanket, they go together wonderfully and it is very refreshing to see that it isn't gender stereotyped. I think Angus will be overjoyed with it.


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