Monday, 9 January 2017

2016: A Year of Making

It's that time again, when I like to look back and see what I made over the course of a year and in 2016, like the year before, it was overwhelmingly things for our home. There were a few gifts, and items for myself - clutch bag, yoga bag, socks, hat - but mostly it was napkins and crochet. This time last year I said I wanted to cross stitch and embroider more, and I certainly did that. I also talked about starting another quilt, and I didn't do that. 

I've arranged the finished projects into collages with links to the blog posts below. You could probably guess the seasons without the titles; blankets and socks in the autumn and winter, flowers and plants in the spring and summer, and a lot more crafting happens in the colder months than the warmer ones. 

{ January, February, March }




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Autumn Leaf Garland


Advent Calendar
Christmas Napkins
Clay Decorations
Koala and Chimpanzee

I think I'm most pleased with my socks overall. And it was good to remember how much fun a quick and easy project can be, like the leaf garland and hanging planter. Not everything has to take months and months - sometimes a few hours crafting is just as enjoyable and rewarding, perhaps even more so.

I started 2016 with an embroidery and a couple of blankets to complete, and it seems that I'm starting 2017 in almost exactly the same way, with a cross stitch pattern and Angus's blanket in my project basket. But those two projects aside, my crafting plans for the coming year include:
  • crocheting myself a jumper or cardigan - I very much like this pattern
  • having a bash at dress making - I saw a colleague today in this dress and was instantly drawn to it
  • trying some more crochet sock patterns - this book appeals
  • possibly starting an English Paper Piecing quilt. Or some kind of quilt, anything to use up some of my scraps of fabric.
  • Mastering colour work in crochet, mainly so that I can make these stunning mittens
I feel a bit stuck in a crochet rut, and I'm hoping the socks, clothes and colour work will provide new inspiration. I also think that I need nudging out of my comfort zone of crochet and cross stitch, and I'm hoping some simple dress making might help with that. We'll see. Anyway, that was fun to put together, I hope you enjoyed the overview. Thank you for letting me share my love of crafting with you all here - it really is one of my most favourite things to do and knowing you all get that is wonderful.

If you are interested, you can look back at previous creative round-ups below:



  1. Wonderful work, I adore Badger's sweater!

  2. You are SO talented, what beautiful work!

  3. Your 2016 completed crafts reprise should help you feel very accomplished, Gillian! It inspires me to view your projects again...and I especially want to try crocheting some socks as well as finishing my WIP and cutting squares for a patchwork quilt. I couldn't get into the links for your inspiration projects for 2017, but I have been having internet issues this weekend maybe due to our icy weather. I will try again at another time. I hope you are having a happy week! xx

    1. Those links should be ok Gracie - I'll check them again though. Thank you x

  4. A great way to remember what you have done - and what you haven't - in the past year! I didn't remember you talking about wanting to make a quilt, but I remember the other things you made. Like the others said above, wonderful work, you are very talented!!

    Not sure about the cardigan and shirt dress you have linked to. Both look nice in the photos, but my own experience with such "shapeless", lose-fitting clothing is that it makes me look pregnant even though I am slim.

    1. Well a little girl at school yesterday asked me if I had a baby in my tummy (I don't!) so I'm wary of looking pregnant too! I'd wear a loose cardigan or jumper with skinny jeans, and possibly a belt with the dress. :-)

  5. lovely crochet and embroidery makes - I like the plant hangers too. The pattern looks like a classic but would need fairly heavy material to hang well methinks. Hope you give it a go as I have seen another blogger do really well with this company's patterns.

  6. I love all your makes & wish I could do collages like that, but don't know how. What a wonderful year you've had with all that craft & whilst working too. Well done. I've a nice easy crochet jumper pattern. I think it is in an old Simply Crochet magazine. Not sure about that dress, though I think you'd be able to wear it with a pair of leggings? The sock book looks great & could be one to go on my list too, as I'd love to knit or crochet socks for this coming winter, but not sure I'd be able to do those very pretty mittens. Have a good week & take care.

  7. Goodness, what a productive year you've had - so many beautiful projects. I'm thinking of giving dress making a go too this year - if it's a disaster, I could always wear it for gardening! Happy 2017. xx

  8. Wow Gillian, that's a mighty impressive amount of making, and how lovely they look all put together. I am having a huge sulk at the moment over a black v-neck jumper that I am (not) knitting. I am a few inches in and I just don't have faith that it's going to be wearable. So I sit there every evening glowering at it and not doing any knitting. But I won't let myself start anything else. I am at an impasse. Your lovely post is so inspirational though, I shall have to make myself do it or at least do something with the yarn. Teeth will be gritted and loins girded and I will beat it into submission. CJ xx

  9. I would be beside myself if I had those beautiful knitted socks. You are so talented.

  10. It's a delight to see your beautiful and colourful makes all together on the one post Gillian. You've completed so much in twelve months. It's such a good idea to have a plan for the year ahead. I have a couple of projects I need to complete before I start anything new. X

  11. I love your cross stitch napkins and well done trying and succeeding in making socks. I'm starting off 2017 with cross stitch too. I've sort of tried dress making before with a few sleeveless tops but they were my own patterns and I haven't made anything else since. I think going to a dress making class would be a great way to start. x

  12. I've always enjoyed your yearly craft retrospectives, Gillian, from before you even knew I was here. :) You certainly had a productive year and all of it has been beautiful and inspiring.

  13. I think you accomplished so much, Gillian. All wonderful things. I checked out your links and bookmarked the Rose Cardigan. I've never made an item of clothing but, am I delusional, actually think I could make that! Thanks for a great post.

  14. Your projects have such a style to them. If I put mine in a collage they would look like a jumble sale! Definitely have a go at dressmaking it is so brilliant once you get a dew things under your belt and you understand your own body shape. Don't go spending a load of money on fabric and making your first thing too precious - just keep making stuff until it gets good.... she says, working 3 days a week! Jo x

  15. What a productive year.
    I'm so glad we got to see the jolly robin again and that advent calendar was truly a work of art.
    Lisa x

  16. Gorgeous makes. I have a light weight poncho and a cocoon dress on my list for this year. And finish off a billion and one WIPs

  17. What beautiful makes Gillian. You have a great eye for colour and a fab sense of style X

  18. Such beautiful makes! I like the socks best too but what a wonderful selection to choose from :) xx

  19. Beautiful 2016 makes, and gorgeous, exciting new year plans. Look forward to seeing more makes this year...

  20. You made some fabulous things this year. I liked seeing badger in his jumper! All the cross stitch napkins are so pretty.

  21. so many lovely things! Happy new year! Hope you are all well and keeping warm!

  22. You've made so many lovely things. I think my favourite was your advent boxes though - so imaginative. X

  23. Fabulous makes and I love the way the colours follow the seasons.


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