Thursday, 6 October 2016

Winter Project: Angus's Blanket

I've spent a lot of time working on Angus's blanket over the last few weeks. I knew this would happen; I had no enthusiasm for this project over the summer but as soon as the weather turned cooler I was happy to be working on it again.

It's the perfect kind of crochet to do in front of the tv in the evening when you are tired, as it demands absolutely nothing of you. The downside to this is that is can be boring, but I have lots of other projects on the go for when I want something a bit more demanding.

The rows of granny stripes are looking good and I'm pleased with the balance of colour overall. It has now reached the stage where it's no longer looking like a scarf, but starting to feel like it might be a blanket. 

I draped it over a chair to try to give an idea of it's size and it's bigger than I though it was. Almost big enough to be called a throw.

But not big enough for Angus's bed yet. Currently, it measures 160 x 65 cm and when I laid it out over Angus's duvet I thought I might be one third of the way there. That sounds quite good, doesn't it, a third done. I might actually get this project finished this winter!

Joining in with my friend Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party at her blog Thistlebear. Do go and look at Jennifer's lovely blog if you don't already know it, she write beautifully and shares snippets of her life and home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Edited to add:

Some of you asked about the yarn and colours I am using in this blanket. I am using a mixture of mostly Stylecraft Special DK with some Deramores Studio DK leftover from another project.

The Stylecraft Special DK colours are:

The Deramores Studio DK colours are below with Stylecraft suggestions for a close match in brackets:
blush (raspberry or pomegranate)
topaz (aster or turquoise)
indigo (midnight)

I hope that helps.


  1. Hi Gillian, thank you for joining in with my link party and for saying such nice things about me. :) I love Angus's blanket, I really do. The colors are beautiful and a pleasant surprise because they aren't screaming "boy" like a lot of boys' blankets, including the one I've made. I love that you did it that way. I can't wait to see more.

  2. From your first words I was just going to suggest you joined the Winter Project Link party and there you are in the last paragraph. Spooky... Jo x

  3. I love the colours of Angus' blanket. Masculine but with a soft touch. Perfect. x

  4. Oh it's lovely Gillian. I knitted my littlest boy a blanket last year and it's always nice to spread it out on his bed now. I shall look forward to watching your progress, I bet it doesn't take you long, I think you're on a roll! CJ xx

  5. You have chosen such gorgeous colours. I too am currently working on a blanket as it is an easy project to work on in an evening when I don't have to concentrate too hard. X

  6. That blanket looks fabulous on your chair too...such great colours. I'm sure Angus will love it. One day I too will make a day! :) Hope you enjoy all the stitches xx

  7. This is looking great! I just love your color choices.

  8. This is looking great! I just love your color choices.

  9. Again, fantastic choice of colours. Just the thing to work on now that the nights are drawing in. Happy hooking. xx

  10. I love the colours and imagine Angus will love it! He knows you are working on this for him, doesn't he, or is it going to be a surprise?

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  13. Hi Gillian, could you give more info on the yarn you are using and the colours? It looks fab x

    1. Yes of course. I wrote it out yesterday and I'll update this post to include brands and colours this week.


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  15. Sorry about the previous comment! What I wanted to say was that it is a gorgeous blanket, and I love the way the stripes interlock with one another. I really enjoy your autumn posts: you embrace the season and make me feel so much better about it.

  16. I think the balnket is very classic, he will love it for years and years.

  17. I love the colours and how you have blended them together. Perfect for working on during winter evenings.

  18. Great progress, Gillian! I had the same reaction as you to Angus's blanket on the chair when I draped my shawl on the back of my favorite chair last night. It is larger than than I realized. Hooray for us! Happy Weekend! xx

  19. Fabulous choice of colours. It is looking timeless and modern and very "Gillian" - I love it. I am currently wrestling with the foundation row of a ripple blanket. I have a starting chain of 213 and have already had to rip back once.

  20. Gorgeous colours... looking like a very satisfying autumn eve make. I do have an urge to Granny stripe as I finished a hexie blanket this weekend - I need a cosy eve make too! Though last night I started a starburst Granny square so maybe I should focus. How many on the go blankets is too many?

  21. You are making good progress Gillian, these projects are very time consuming. Lovely to see it growing x


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