Thursday, 15 September 2016

House Plants

Hello! How are you all? I've missed this place. September in a primary school is an unrelentingly busy month and I am working full time at the moment, leaving precious little time for anything else apart from sleeping and drinking wine (I'm highly skilled in these areas). But, as you know, pottering around the house is how I relax, and I wanted to share some recent crafty makes with you.

Do you have many plants in your house? I didn't think I had many until I counted, and I have about twenty, dotted here and there. I am not remotely green fingered and have no idea what I'm doing with plants, but they lift a room so much and are just gorgeous to look at, so I persevere.

Some time ago I inherited this beautiful mid-century planter from my Grandma. I remember it in her house, it lived in the dining room, and I've always been very fond of it - for the memories, as much as the design. 

Before, it looked like this but dustier, and with a dirty, faded cream coloured trough. I thought about painting the whole thing but decided the wood, although water marked, was too lovely to cover. So I cleaned and polished it with beeswax and left it to shine.

The metal trough which holds the plants I painted pink. I like the way it goes with the green of the leaves, and I also just really like pink, the way it can be both warm and light at the same time. I'd have a lot more of it in the house if it was up to me. 

I read somewhere that it was good to have plants in a bedroom. I've no idea what the health benefits might be, but the design argument is strong.

I also made a macrame-style hanging planter. I've wanted to make one of these for ages as I think they are such a good way to brighten up a corner, especially one where you don't have a surface which could hold a plant pot.

It hangs in the back of the hall, opposite the front door. The front of our hallway receives lots of natural light but this section at the end, by the kitchen door, can be gloomy, hence the cheerful wallpaper. I love the little white pot and green leaves against all those busy pinks and reds.

I found this site had loads of brilliant ideas for hanging planters. I want to make more, for the bathroom (anything to draw the eye away from the tiles...) and the bedroom too. 

One last thing: do you remember me telling you that my blog had been nominated in the Amara Interior Blog Awards? Well, I was shortlisted! And that is thanks to you and your votes. THANK YOU. Really, thank you. 


  1. Congrats on being shortlisted! That's great. Did you know I learned that word from you? I don't think we say that here, at least I haven't heard it. I love what you did with your plants. I don't currently have any plants in the house but I have in the past and enjoyed it. Honestly, I just don't have the energy to keep anything else alive at the moment, even a plant. :)

  2. Your hallway with the wallpaper looks great - I remember your posts about it when you were still choosing the paper.
    The 1950s or 60s planter is beautiful and definitely benefits from the pale pink colour of the trough!
    My houseplants are quickly listed: an orchid and an azalea in the Third Room, a potted basil and mint in the kitchen. That's it.
    I have "black thumbs" when it comes to plants; also, I am away so often that it would mean certain death to most other plants in my flat.
    But you are right of course; they do a lot for a room. Not that your rooms need much "doing for" - they are gorgeous anyway!

  3. I used to have quite a few houseplants at our old house but they all grew quite large and the leaves always seemed to need dusting, which isn't my forte! I currently only have a spider plant that we bought as a cutting from the Porter's Garden in Portsmouth's historic dockyard. It was a souvenir of E's week working at the Mary Rose Museum and it's now taking over the kitchen windowsill. I feel it needs a hanging basket, so have bookmarked your link. Yours looks stunning against that gorgeous wallpaper and I love your upcycled planter. xx

  4. I do love house plants, I'm not really green fingered but I do try in the home, I'm in the middle of upcycling a stool into a plant stand and making my own macramé plant hangers too :)
    I'm loving your post modern plant stand - beautiful :) x

  5. I would have been surprised if your blog hadn't been shortlisted! Congratulations, that's great news. I confess to having just two houseplants - two rather neglected and long-suffering spider plants. I am not a good-houseplants-person. Yours look very healthy and lovely in their places. The stand is inspired. Sam x

  6. Well done on your shortlisting, that's brilliant, and very well deserved. I'm a big fan of houseplants to. Once upon a time I had about 90. It was like living in the greenhouse at Kew. Then there were children and you can imagine it wasn't a happy mix. Now I'm popping a few here and there again. Love them. CJ xx

  7. I love house plants, too. I have a large selection of orchids and a few succulent plants. Both are easy to look after, which is a necessity for plants in my house. Love your gran's planter! Congratulations for being nominated, the nomination is well deserved. x

  8. Congratulations! I did vote and glad you are short listed that's great. Love the retro plant holder from Gran, totally suits your house. I like your blog as you are just sharing you and not trying to be a guru, I love that.

  9. These plants are so beautiful! Happy Friday to you ♥

  10. I don't have a good track record of keeping house plants alive, although my ma in law insists on giving me about ten a year! Congrats on the nomination. x

  11. Yay! I voted. I have a big umbrella plant in the bathroom and have some crochet ideas for it - I know, keep you posted. Friday night? Cheers/chink. Jo x

  12. Hey Gillian,
    That's brilliant news on being shortlisted. I'm so pleased for you. It may surprise you to know that I don't have any plants in the house. I used to always have them, but somewhere along the way they disappeared. Of course if I had a gorgeous planter such as yours, I would. Funnily enough I have been thinking about some plants for the bathrooms and conservatory. I also saw some fantastic hanging planters in s shop in Falmouth during the summer, and am tempted to buy a couple. Pus the shop that I worked in over the summer sold lovely driftwood planters which I had my eye on. Sarah, who owns the shop says my staff discount is a lifetime thing, so.....
    Have a lovely weekend. May wine feature.
    Leanne xx

  13. What a lovely way to brighten your space! My husband is the green thumb between us and I am always grateful for the way he coaxes lovely blooms from his collection of lilies, orchids and cyclamen. And congrats on the shortlist. So well deserved! Your talent blesses me and many others! Thanks for all the effort you put in.

  14. I used to have quite a few houseplants, downstairs mainly, but the number has diminished over the last few years. Love your grandma's planter. Jx

  15. Your plants are beautiful, they add so much peace to a room. I have many potted plants outside, living in Florida they grow year round, I only have one inside.

  16. I do love house plants and yours are looking rather gorgeous. Oh, your Granny's planter is amazing! Our problem with house plants is Miss Ethel the kit... anything dangling or that looks fun to play with/nibble doesn't last long!

  17. And a very well deserved nomination too! Congratulations!! Love your planter, I think you did the right thing leaving the wood. I currently don't have any house plants, though I usually have a geranium on my kitchen windowsill in the summer. X

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    It's on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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