Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Colour Collaborative: March: Egg

When I think about eggs at this time of year I don't really think about spring, or fertility, or new life, or even chickens. I think about food, specifically chocolate, more specifically mini eggs. Little nuggets of sweet milk chocolate in perfectly crunchy sugar shells in the prettiest colours, which I've come to think of as Easter colours. I used to prefer Cadbury's Creme Eggs but, I don't know, they're not the same as they were when I was little. Have they shrunk? They definitely taste different. Mini eggs are the way forward.

When Angus saw these photos his eyes lit up and he asked if we could make some chocolate nests. Yes, we will definitely be making some over the Easter weekend. We have cereal, chocolate, butter, syrup and mini eggs. It's the most perfect kind of seasonal baking: minimum effort for maximum, tooth-aching satisfaction.

When I went back through all my Easter photos, I was quite amused to notice that eggs also feature quite heavily in my Easter crafting and decorating. Rabbits and flowers too, and the odd bird, but mainly eggs it seems. There's something so pleasing about that ovoid shape when matched with those candy pastels. 

These are not colours I'm usually drawn to, favouring as I do hot pink, mustard yellow or navy blue in both my wardrobe and our home. I find pastels a bit chilly, a bit sickly. But they are everywhere at this time of year, filling the shops, wrapped around chocolates, on the front of greetings cards. A paler, cleaner, more synthetic version of the egg-yolk yellow daffodils, delicate pink blossom, peachy red tulips, blue purple muscari and vivid green shoots and leaves bursting up all over the place.

But at this time of year, I don't mind, in fact I rather like it.  Bring on the pastels at Easter, in all their sugar coated glory.

Are these the colour you also associate with Easter? And, more importantly, would you choose mini eggs or creme eggs?


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Jennifer said...

I actually love pastel colors, for the most part. I know they're not really fashionable, so I don't wear them often, and also they don't look good on my olive complexion. But I loved having a baby girl, so I could dress her in those colors. Not just pink; I found lots of green, lavender and blue for baby girls too. I like creme eggs and mini eggs about equally, but in desert-island terms...I think it would have to be mini eggs.

Charloheslop said...

As you know I'm all about the nautical look with a bit of mustard thrown in for adventurous days! ⚓️ Do love all the peach and pale greens in the shops at the mo, however wouldn't wear them....hence I bought a peach coloured trowel for the garden! 😂
Creme eggs are no longer made using Cadburys chocolate, therefore I have no desire to eat them....give me one of those family sized bags of mini eggs any day...also found some M&S rip offs, which were, in my opinion better as they were bigger! Love this blog, and think a book should be in the making xxxxxx 😘

Sol said...

I do love your pictures Gillian they are fab. You are so good at taking them.

CJ said...

I was just thinking earlier how special the local bakery used to seem at Easter when I was little. All sorts of nesty cakes and marzipan and those little yellow chicks everywhere. I think we'll have a go at making some nests as well. Mini eggs are perfect for popping inside aren't they. I like dark chocolate best, they need to start doing something in dark chocolate I think. Although maybe it's best that they don't... CJ xx

Susan Smith said...

Your photos and collage are so pretty and I'll confess to liking all sorts of colourings. I've always been obsessed with colour, even as a child. I'm sure lots of things don't taste the same as when we were young and not sure whether our tastes change or it is those D*** manufacturers.(sorry) Have a lovely Easter with the family and take care.

driftwood said...

mini eggs all the way here! I just bought a packet of gold ones. I'm very excited to open them x

Mac n' Janet said...

I like pastels, but not too wear, they make my skin look green.

Jen Walshaw said...

We are currently loving Aldi's mini eggs and Asda's tiney tiny eggs. I too am not normally a fan of pastels, teal, mustard and grey are my colours, but this time of year, all am all about the saccharine!

Librarian said...

Much as I like Cadbury's, I'm not too fond of creme eggs myself. Easter is a small family affair for us here, only 5 of us there this year. As only those who will be there are going to get some Easter choccy from me, I can afford splashing out on expensive artisan chocolate from my hometown this year. They are all chocolate bunnies, but in different shapes the kind you don't find mass-produced.
Pastels are lovely all year round, but they really come out a lot in spring, that's true. I also like summer pastels or the wintery pale blues and pinks I am sometimes lucky enough to find.

Sarah said...

I find Creme Eggs way too sickly - Mini Eggs win every time here. As for colour, I always associate yellow and purple with Easter. Must be the thought of daffodils, crocuses and miniature irises. And catkins.
Have a good chocolate feast! x

Anonymous said...

Definitely mini eggs - creme eggs are far too synthetic and sickly. We don't go in for decorating for Easter here other than a few jars of spring flowers on the table. Have a great weekend and enjoy the chocolate.

Cecily Graham, At Home in the Thirties said...

I'm not too keen on pastels either, in general, but I know what you mean about them seeming just right at this time of year. They fit in the with pale buds on the trees, and all those pink, yellow and lilac spring blooms. We're going to blow and paint our Easter eggs today. I've saved the palest eggs from our hens over the past week, and we'll give them each a watercolour wash. Those, and the last of the daffodils, and we'll be all set for Sunday.

Jacqueline said...

I do associate pastel colours with Easter but not colours I would wear.
I used to like creme eggs but I find them too sickly now, I could quite happily munch through a bag of mini eggs though.
Have a lovely Easter!

Leanne Paxton said...

Hey Gillian,
Oh joy Oh rapture! I can finally access your blog!! I think I may be making some Easter nests tomorrow. I adore mini eggs, and they are so much better than cream eggs. They have gone off somewhat. I love all of your collages above. They would make lovely Easter cards. How lovely to be back in your world, gorgeous girl.
Leanne xx

Caroline South said...

Mini eggs, though both are good! Gorgeous pictures and such a pretty collage.
Have a lovely weekend and a happy Easter Gillian! xx

Jules said...

I have to say, with my sweet tooth, I am a huge fan of mini and creme eggs, but there is something so appealing about the pastel colours and the smooth shells of the mini egg. This year I have crocheted some eggs for our Easter tree using the mini egg colours as inspiration.
Have a lovely Easter Gillian. X

Leanne Paxton said...

Hey Gillian,
Good to see you back on the collaborative wagon! Mini Eggs might just be the best thing about Easter, which is probably a very shallow thing to say. I'm with Angus; my eyes popped out when I saw those cakes. I have always loved those sickly type of cake, ever since I was little and jumble sales and school fetes were part of our calendar. My colour palette is quite muted, but not necessarily pastel in hue. But your colour combos up above are rather pleasing on the eye.
Happy Easter to you and yours, my friend.
Leanne xx

Ruth said...

Hi Gillian,
Mini eggs here too for us. I loved creme eggs as a child but I don't have such a sweet tooth these days. But the big change for them was when Kraft bought Cadburys. They no longer use Dairy Milk for the outside of the creme egg, but some horrible cheap fake stuff that doesn't really class as chocolate. Basically with any of their products these days, if it doesn't actually have the Dairy Milk name included somewhere on the packet, you can assume they've switched to a cheaper yucky recipe.

Jo said...

I can't get enough of those little babies, I love inspecting the splattery colours just before I pop them in my mouth. Happy Easter Gillian. Jo x

Cyndy R said...

You certainly captured the joy of Easter! It is such a joyous celebration...Christ is risen! I picked up Galaxy Golden Eggs in Londin and had fun fooling my family. Never seen those here, and each one was wondering how to peel off the foil. :) Yummy treat!

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Funnily enough, although I'm not at all adverse to a pastel shade or two, I find the Easter palette doesn't do a lot for me. I do like the mini eggs though, they hit the spot, both visually and taste wise! Mind you, I don't mind a creme egg either. They have changed them though, the US company Kraft I think brought them last year and changed them. Made them even sweeter, if you can believe it!!

S x