Monday, 11 August 2014

Cornwall, Part 2

Some more holiday highlights, this time from the second half of our stay in West Cornwall, for your delectation.

Our fourth day was spent at St Michael's Mount and Marazion. The Mount looked splendid and mysterious all at once, perched on it's rock.

We enjoyed a brief (but still terribly exciting to the children) boat trip to the mount.

On arrival, Angus asked, "Is it from the olden days?"

We teased John mercilessly that he'd dressed like a Boden catalogue model. It was the deck shoes that did it, I think.

We finally persuaded him to strike a pose.

We left the mount at low tide and watched the long line of people snaking across the causeway.

Lunch was fish and chips on the beach, eaten with our fingers. Some "friendly" seagulls entertained us, getting nearer and nearer, until being shooed away. I spent ages trying to get a photo of one in flight. Later that afternoon we sampled some of the locally made Moomaid ice cream. It was all one delicious, sunny, beautiful day, that one.

We spent the final two days of our holiday exploring local towns in the morning then heading down to our nearest beach at Gwithian in the afternoon, a perfect way to round off each day. I could easily have spent another week in this fashion; wandering around like a tourist in the morning, playing on the beach later in the day.

On one particular day (I think it was Wednesday, our fifth day) the sun had well and truly disappeared by the time we got down to the beach. The sky was purplish and gloomy but, being British, we made the best of it. 

It was still warm and we were on holiday, after all, in a stunning spot with views of Godrevy lighthouse. Slightly bleak, forbidding views, but still. I love lighthouses.

We built sand castles...

and paddled...

and paddled some more. Yes, my tan lines are ridiculous. But I like to think they are the sign of a summer well spent.

I swam in the sea, the first time I'd done it in years. I'd forgotten how gloriously exhilarating jumping around in the surf could be. Then, without me really noticing at first, the bank of clouds started to roll back from the horizon.

And by the time we'd packed up our beach things, at about 6 pm, it had turned into the most beautiful, sparkling, luminous summer's evening. You could see the sunlight reflecting off windows in the distance.

Our view of the lighthouse was welcoming and friendly now,

and the beach was laid out before us, showing off in the sun.

One last photo from the car park before we headed home to put the children to bed and open ice cold bottles of beer. All that paddling worked up a thirst.


  1. Sometimes I wish I could come here on holiday! Fair play for that swim. And the tans lines are too good!
    Leanne xx

  2. Your pictures look lovely! It really makes me looking foreard to my summer holiday! We will spend a week in Italy with my sister-in-law, her husband and their two boys. My first holiday with children! Could get interesting! ;-)

  3. Love your tan lines! Looks a great place to have spent some time. x

  4. It looks like you had a picture perfect holiday in one of my favourite places in the whole world.... And I agree ran lines are good and funny x

  5. The beach looks too gorgeous not to visit, never mind the type of weather.
    Tan lines so you've had a good outdoorsy summer!
    Lisa x

  6. Wonderful. We stayed in Marazion last year and did the same trip to St Michael's Mount, it's a wonderful place isn't it? I'm glad you managed a swim in the sea, it's so exhilarating, I've made myself go in the past couple of years and once I get past the initial shock it's fantastic. Your photos are beautiful, especially the light bouncing off the water. And John is a good sport, well done that man! CJ xx

  7. Oh I have so enjoyed your Cornish adventure. I've really missed going last year and this. Can't wait for next summer when were going to head a bit further West.

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous images, I feel wonderfully nostalgic and excited to return. Xx

  8. A lovely post on your Cornish adventure and what fab photos. Take care.

  9. Looks like the perfect holiday!

  10. Gorgeous holiday snaps I adore your tan lines beers sound great end to a perfect day.

  11. Oh wow, I just love the British coast line! Beautiful pics!

  12. Magical. Love it! I have tan lines on my feet too and it's a first - such a lovely summer, don't you think?

  13. Lovely photos !
    And the tan lines on your feet are so funny :-)... If the sun stays around a little bit longer, it will be walking barefoot for you ;-)))

  14. Lovely pics, and the beech was all yours for braving the weather! Xx

  15. Beautiful photographs. Looks as though you had a superb holiday. I love Cornwall!! xx

  16. Wonderful photos! Do you use a camera or just your smartphone (which?)? And thanks for the laugh I got seeing your poor husband pose as a Boden model :-)

    1. Hello! I use my Canon DSLR for all the photos on my blog. I use the camera on my phone for anything I post on Instagram. I have an old LG Nexus, it's due for an upgrade soon. My Canon is quite heavy but I do try and lug it around with me in my handbag as often as I can, as I really like it. x

  17. Brilliant holiday - glad you enjoyed it so much. I know what you mean about the Boden catalogue model!! That made me laugh.

  18. Great slideshow Gillian - it looks like a wonderfully fun place to relax with the family. Beach time, ice cream, and a boat - I think that says summer! Your feet must have baked to get tan lines like that! The Boden comment made me laugh - I think it is the striped sweater (though I think you guys call them jumpers)!

  19. Love your tan lines!!!! Memories of a good holiday!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  20. Gorgeous photos of a happy holiday. Loving your tan lines!

  21. Doesn't the photo of John need to have a witty comment; something like his dream for the future or what he wanted to be when he grew up next to it? That's very Boden!
    It looks like such a good holiday, plenty of beach action and yet a bit of sight seeing.

  22. He does indeed look like a Boden model, so glad you had a lovely vacation. Your photos are so beautiful.

  23. Most days in Cornwall if it brightens it happens in the late afternoon! We Cornish folk know to be prepared for it so cart beach things in the back of our cars for after school beach trips!! I'm glad you had a great trip x

  24. Nothing better then a Cornish holiday in the sunshine looks lovely x

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  26. I always think the St. Michael's mount must have inspired a few Enid Blyton Famous five books..did you ever read The??

  27. Oh how we do like to be beside the seaside! I am growing ever more desperate to find myself in Cornwall, I think it's looking like next year now, it'll be worth it! Lovely pictures, looks like you've been having a blast!
    Oh, and there's nothing wrong with a touch of Boden catalogue ;) That rucksack is great!

  28. Lovely photos Gillian. I think John looks very stylish! And well done to him for embracing it and striking a pose ;)
    Marianne x

  29. Yes, definitely a good potential model for Boden I think John!! Heck, at least that is a good thing. I am glad that you had such a great time, love the photos of the sea. xx

  30. Those tan lines say 'having a great summer' to me. I haven't been to the Mount in 30 years ... you've stirred up happy memories with this post :)

  31. Your photos are lovely. They really show the beauty of Cornwall and your tan lines are superb! You'll remember your summer adventures every time you glance down :) ... Bee xx

  32. Lovely summer holiday photos Gillian, Cornwall is so beautiful. Great tan lines too! Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Jane x

  33. What a wonderful family vacation :)

  34. Oh, what a wonderful vacation...thanks so much for sharing part of it with us. Cornwall is on my list of places that I want to someday visit. I love the comment your son made about it being from the "olden days", and your husband looks quite handsome in his deck shoes. ;)

  35. Hi Gillian
    Looks like you had an amazing holidays with your family .
    I love all tthe pictures ,Cornwall is gorgeous .
    It was funny to see your "stripped" feet :P
    Happy days :) :)

  36. Oh my, SO gorgeous Gillian! I've missed you, love catching up on all your posts x


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