Sunday, 10 February 2013


Thank you, THANK YOU, for all your wonderful ideas and suggestions as to how to cover my cardboard letters. All brilliant, every one of them. It seems my options are endless...decoupage with paper - patterned, newsprint or pages from a book, decoupatch with fabric or felt, cover with washi tape, glitter, sequins, buttons, yarn... Clearly, I need to buy some Mod Podge, which many of your recommended. I like the idea of using a different covering for each letter but keeping to a unified theme or colour. Thanks also for suggesting Craftgawker and Pinterest. 

It was a hygge weekend, the very best kind. A mixture of busy and quiet, family time and alone time, out and about and cosying up at home, eating and drinking. 

Some of the highlights:

:: Finishing a birthday present (I'll show you more when the recipient has opened it).

:: Bowling - so much fun, even though I am hopeless at it and need the side bars up if I have any hope of knocking down a pin. 

:: Teaching Bella how to bowl.

:: Eating fish and chips.

:: Choosing what to have for dessert. I opted for a "Brandy Snap Surprise". The surprise? It was the size of my head and I couldn't finish it, despite my best efforts.

:: Bouncing on our bed. Sunday morning snuggles that begin with books and quiet and descend into shrieking and jumping.

:: Brewing coffee as the sleety rain blew against the kitchen window.

:: Watching the steam curl.

:: Listening to Graceland, one of my all time favourite albums.

:: Crocheting a rainbow baby blanket for a very good friend's baby.

And now the children are bathed and in bed and there is a chilled bottle of beer and a plateful of chilli that urgently needs my atttention.


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I am the same with ten pin bowling, I'm quite hopeless even with the bumpers up! Must try to go soon though as my wee girl loves bowling. I adore the colours you have chosen for your baby blanket.
    M xxx

  2. Have a lovely evening! The blanket squares are lovely - a wonderful present for a baby.

    Pomona x

  3. Sounds like a glorious weekend - the present you've made looks brilliant, I shall watch out for the big reveal! Chilled beer and chilli sounds like a pretty good way to round off the weekend too.x p.s. I'm a graceland fan too - it was (and still is!) the soundtrack to many a family car journey!

  4. I do like your photos especially the ketchup bottle.

  5. Chilli and beer sounds like the perfect end to a busy weekend.
    I missed your last post with the letters but I cannot recommend Mod Podge enough! I've done a few letters with paper and it works a treat. I got each child at my daughter's birthday party a mini one of their initial and they managed it with wrapping paper scraps. Go for it!

  6. Looks like a pretty perfect weekend. We had chilli too this weekend - perfect rain food! x

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with a bit of all sorts mixed in for good measure. It's been a bit of a lazy weekend here, I never feel like doing much when the weather's bad.

  8. sounds like a perfect February weekend.

  9. What a great weekend! AND I spotted your little Pyrex bowl too :-D Love it! That's my favourite Pyrex pattern.

    Col x

    PS Nothing beats a coffee brewed in a Bialetti. Yum!

  10. What a great weekend you've had. Do you know what? I sat listening to "Graceland" in its entirety on Friday night while crocheting granny squares. :)

  11. Hi, just found your lovely blog! Sounds like a perfect weekend.
    My weekend mornings too generally escalate into bed jumping and silliness courtesy of my three year old twins once the novelty of the Peppa Pig marathon on the iPad has worn off!
    Look forward to reading more :-)

  12. Sounds (and looks) like a fab weekend Gillian. xx

    Question - what camera do you use to take your lovely photographs? My camera died and was sent off to be mended. It has been condemned and I need to buy a new one. I think I remember you blogging about your bargain camera....was it you? Anyway I would be very grateful if you could let me know. Curry's has a sale on for the next few days, and I have a voucher in my purse..... Leanne xx

    1. Hello - I use a Canon DSLR 1000D. It was bought simply because it happened to be on offer. I know absolutely nothing about cameras, or photography for that matter! I love it, it's very user friendly. Hope that helps. x

  13. Ahhh fish and chips and a cup of tea from a stainless steel pot. Nothing like it! It's great up North. x

  14. Sounds like a great weekend. Mine included making granny squares too, as well as knitting and origami! x

  15. Sounds like my kind of super weekend!
    Mod Podge? Just created an image of an overweight Paul Weller. Not good! x

  16. Just a lovely weekend, Gillian! The fish and chips look delicious...I could eat that right now! Your bed looks so pretty and cosy. And it looks the children are enjoying it, too! Love, Love the snapshot of your cosy looking kitchen...please do share more!

  17. Bowling is such good fun isn't it.
    And even better when followed by fish and chips!
    I'm sure the recipients of the gifts you have made are going to be thrilled with them.
    Lisa x

  18. Looks like a wonderful relaxing weekend. Me and my boys spent about half an hour wrestling and jumping on my bed this weekend too. There is just nothing like it.

  19. Gillian, please can you come and sort my weekends out, yours looks magical whilst mine has been awful! Great photographs too, have a lovky week x

  20. Looks like a gorgeous weekend ... the little rainbow grannies look lovely ... and the photo of the wee ones bouncing on the bed is great ... we have a similiar morning routine here ... five in the bed ... is quite the squeeze ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  21. Yummy fish and chips with a pot of tea.....the gifts look lovely xxx Have a lovely week x

  22. I loved the photo of fish and chips. It somehow reminded me of my staying in England a long time ago.
    And the rainbow granny squares are beautiful.

  23. HI, GIllian! You had a wonderful weekend! So much joy and happiness :) That's so good.. I'm happy for you.
    We also had same homely days, eating, taking, watching, crocheting (me), having some delicious barbecued paneer (Indian cheese).
    The blanket looks already gorgeous in those rainbow colors!
    Have a great day!

  24. What a wonderful weekend that sounds, lots of family time and delish food too. Oh my, your blanket is going to be beautiful and i can't wait to see it finished.
    love jooles xxx

  25. Sounds like a good weekend :) Looking forward to seeing the blanket! AS for mod podge - just use pva glue and water :)

  26. what a wonderful weekend - sounds perfect to me! That blanket looks like you're making another beauty - you are clever! x

  27. A fabulous weekend Gillian sounds just perfect. Can't wait to see the finished result of the birthday present. Beautiful colours for your baby blanket. So pleased you got a Stylecraft colour chart - what is your next make ???


  28. Sounds like you had a great weekend and I love your pictures. We went bowling on the weekend too for Elizabeths birthday with some of her friends, its such a great rainy day thing to do. It looks really quiet where you went! Love the look of the rainbow blanket your making, Im sure it will be gorgeous. xx

  29. Wow great weekend and your pics say it all. How lovely and such a bright and great space you have here. Lovely xxx
    I have a giveaway you maybe interested in, come along xx

  30. We adore bowling as a family. it is so much fun. Looks like you had a great weekend.

  31. Glow-in the dark bwling is so incredibly fun!!

  32. Hello Gillian,
    Ooh yes I'm with you with the bed bouncing!
    Your crocheting looks fab.
    Essie x

  33. Sounds like a good weekend. Looking forward to seeing that pressie and the finished baby blanket.Sue

  34. Such perfect little granny squares! Our little guy loves coming into bed with us, but there is no quiet snuggles- its all go from the second he's awake.

  35. Crochet looking good, Modge Podge is only pva glue, which is much cheaper! :) x

  36. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Lots of fun, relaxing, yummy food, crochet time, bed bouncing.
    That ketchup bottle photo is fun.


  37. what a lovely weekend! full of nice things. Your new crochet colours are lovely and I'm intrigued by the other handmade gift! Heather x

  38. GLad you had a successful weekend, totally hoping i know who the apple is for! xxxx


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