Thursday, 10 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy...13/52

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

Hello there! Joining in with Jen at little birdie, here are this weeks simple, happy things:
  1. On Sunday night both children endured the weekly torture that is having their hair washed without screaming, or even crying. They just let John wash their hair. Incredible. This has always been a high stress activity in our household. I have to shut the windows in the summer when it's hair wash night, in case someone calls social services, such is the volume of noise.
  2. Homemade leek and potato soup. It was utterly delicious - made by John and eaten by all of us. 
  3. For the first time, ever, I have managed to get an orchid to re-flower. They usually die on me.  I moved this one to the bathroom when it stopped flowering  - maybe it liked the steamy atmosphere in there? Who knows.
  4. Using up the Christmas food (one packet of puff pastry, a few slices of parma ham and a wedge of Stilton) to make these delicious cheese straws.

Thanks for your comments about the mouse bedroom, you are all so supportive and kind. Bella's mice are now demanding a living room and a bathroom but I fear these may have to wait sometime. I don't know how on earth I can make a bath or sofa out of a matchbox or bottle... And first I need to direct some crafty love in Angus's direction, I fear he is being left out!


  1. ha! Closing all the windows and doors at bath time- that made me laugh! That orchid is gorgeous, I love the pop of pink in the inside. Very pretty :)

    For a mouse bath- you can get yoghurt cartons shaped in oval... that might work?? Hazel x

    1. Genius idea, thank you Hazel! I will have a look next time I am in the supermarket... x

  2. Stunning pictures Gillian, I particularly like the leek and potatoe one LoL.
    I can't wait to see your other rooms.

  3. Great happies lovely lady! I could have done with a bowl of that soup at work today, it was bloomin' freezing. Btw I'm off to visit the shop you recommended to me, probably going Saturday, it looks amazing and very me! x

  4. I really want, no need, some of that soup! :) x

  5. HEY! I'm making potato leek soup tonight! Just bought the leeks yesterday and I'm excited. It's such a cozy soup. I'll be needing you to send me some of those cheese straws to go along with it though, please. :)

    Glad to hear your over the screaminghairwashing hurdle. Just wait until they just bath and wash all on their own. It's like a little piece of heaven.


  6. I can SO relate to the nightmare that is the hair wash! My eldest hates it, so therefor my youngest thinks well that's just what you do when you have your hair washed...scream! How lovely they didn't make a sound, you'll have to get John to do it more often! X

  7. The soup looks delicious...perfect for a winter day! I have never had much luck getting orchids to re-bloom...great job, it's gorgeous!

  8. What perfect happies. thank you, you made me happy too x

  9. The orchid is just beautiful and I love those cheese straws ... I imagine they are very moreish ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

    PS we have the same bathtime bother :) ... congrats on having a scream free rinse ... x

  10. The hairwash screaming happened in our house too. It's only just recently that it has gone from screaming to "Do you have to?" It's taken 11 years! I love homemade soups whe the weather is so cold outside. I have an orchid that I've managed to keep alive for 18 months - the trick is not to over water and I agree with you that they like somewhere humid - mine thrives on the kitchen windowsill near to the cooker.

  11. Hello Gillian,
    The soup and cheese straws sound and look great. Well done on the orchid!
    Ivan :)

  12. The hair washing screams remind me of my eldest daughter (who is now in her 30's!!) and the hair shield I had to put on her!!
    Loved the mouse rooms by the way - I'm still new to blogging and just cannot keep up with all the reading, posting comments as well as updating my own at the moment!!! Looking forward to reading your next post x

  13. You have me peckish now, I love leek and potato soup! I have missed so much lately - your mouse room is stunning!! I can't wait to see the whole house.
    Sorry to hear about your Grandma, she looks a very glamorous woman, what wonderful memories you have. Happy New Year to you and your family. x x

  14. I think you can probably hear my place all the way from your place on our hair washing nights!

  15. I have two orchids which are flowering for the fourth or fifth time now, they bloom just in time for Christmas. Those cheese straws look delicious.

  16. That soup looks amazing! Perfect for a weekend of snow(?).

  17. Hairwashing used to be a nightmare in our house too until suddenly, a couple of months ago, it just became (dare I say it) easy. Teeth brushing though is still a daily fight! x


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