Wednesday, 5 December 2012

52 Weeks of Happy...8/52

Joining in with Jen over at little birdie, here are my simple, sweet and happy things from this week, things that make me thankful that life is good, things that make me smile.

1. Finding some fairy lights in the cupboard under the stairs that I though were broken and then, after replacing a bulb, finding out that they worked again! Oh, the magic of electricity! Then, even better, hanging them over the internal doors between the living and dining room and watching them sparkle. I do declare that every door should be festooned with fairy lights.

2. This charming box of Christmas tree decorations my friend Debora brought back from Berlin for me. The use of straw is popular in Germany; it refers back to the "bed of straw" in the manger and it was a material which was cheaply and universally available for people to make their own decorations. (I'm sorry - I am a real geek when it come to how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas.) I am looking forward to hanging them on our tree.

3. My boy is doing well at nursery. It's so nice to drop him off and watch him wander off perfectly happily, looking for his little friends. He got one of these certificates a couple of weeks ago for "sharing the bike nicely in the outdoor play area". Bless. He is a shepherd in the nursery nativity tomorrow. There will be tears, hopefully not from him but certainly from me.

4. While I do not enjoy the pantomime that is a class full of six year old children sending Christmas cards to each other, I did enjoy watching Bella attack this task with her usual concentration and focus, and seeing how her handwriting has developed and her confidence grown. She loves to write and makes books and stories for me constantly. They are hilarious, and make no sense at all.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the week so far. It's cold and icy here today, but sunny which is always welcome at this time of year. I am just about keeping the Christmas frenzy at bay, working through my list of tasks and trying to treasure every moment that comes this month. I see I have some new followers too - WELCOME! It's very nice to have you here. 


  1. Hello
    I am one of your new followers and you have inspired me to start my own blog. I do feel like I am talking to myself though at the moment...ha ha. I have never blogged before and I have never even read one, but I was looking for crafts to do and I stumbled upon your gingerbread house and your blog. I am a transplant for the US and looking for things to do over here for myself and my family. I fell in love with the gingerbread house. My daughter and I are going to do it next week over Christmas break. I love your blog, kinda makes me feel like I have a secret new friend over here : )

  2. Dear Gillian
    Lovely post and congratulations to both Bella and Angus - I have only written 2 Christmas cards so far(oops). I'm very impressed with your bookshelves too; I know that the lights were the focus, but my ideal room would be one with floor to ceiling bookshelves like these...*sigh*
    Best wishes

  3. Fairy lights are definitely the way forward - ALL YEAR!! They look great around your doors, just 'forget' to take them down! x ps enjoy the xmas play tomorrow - ours is not until the last week of hoping those extra days will help out my not-so-keen camel attendant to realise he surely has the BEST part in the play! ;-)

  4. Hello Gillian,
    Beautiful '8/52' full of things that mean so much to you (so us too), fairy lights do add so much to all they are attached too... I have a box full (well, there are always new ones that are so different(!), hence the collection!!). I shall be thinking of you at the nativity tomorrow - so sweet!
    The chutney came out wonderful, thank you. Going to finish making my Christmas cake now (bit late!)...
    Ivan x

  5. My boy just finished his first ever year at play school today! Eek. Now to keep him entertained for the next 6 (!) weeks. Enjoy the nativity play tomorrow! x

  6. Enjoy the nativity, yes take the tissues! :)

  7. Enjoy the Nativity - the hankies are a must!

  8. Hello Gillian,

    It has been such a lovely treat popping over to your little corner of the world and sharing your many pockets of joy. I love your blog and your way of perceiving things and, I must confess, those booklined shelves in the first photo would put a big smile on my face any day. Could I please come and borrow a book? I promise I'll bring it back :-)


  9. Make sure you have plenty of tissues for tomorrow.
    My daughter decided to write out cards not just to her school friends, but their parents as well, very enthusiastic I'd say!
    Well done to Angus.
    Lisa x

  10. Your book shelves! I love them. What a great list of happy things.

  11. Oh my gosh look at all of those books! Heaven!
    I'm moving in with you... (haha)...
    Lovely photos and I'm glad your son is doing well at nursery..

  12. Oh Gillian, your house looks so clean and neat: I loooove it!! You are very talented. Greetings from Spain.

  13. Great happy things Gillian. I love your dining area with all the bookshelves. x

  14. Such beautiful things and I love the sneaky peek into your dining room - my hubby would love nosing through all those books.

    Nina x

  15. Oh Gillian ... your fairy lights are very pretty ... love the little peep into your home ... it always looks so warm and welcoming ... the bookshelves are lovely ... we had a few awards from school recently too ... I love the way they come home bursting with pride clutching their certificate ... so cute ... Bee xx

  16. I love it all! The fairy lights are awesome and your dining room is so lovely and cozy with the pretty doors, bookshelves, and warm lighting. You should share more photos of your really is lovely! Love the ornaments! Enjoy the nativity tomorrow. I know Angus will be an adorable little shepherd. And Bella looks very serious about her Christmas cute!

  17. It all looks so wonderfully festive and snug, our tree goes up this weekend. Can't wait!!

    "Star of the Day" how proud you and he must feel! x x

  18. I am totally with you on the fairy lights up all year thing. I think we should start a movement. I have lots in the kitchen and light them regularly for a year-round twinkle. I too want you to do a home tour though - it looks lovely! x


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