Tuesday, 13 November 2012

52 Weeks of Happy...5/52

Hello there! Thank you so, SO much for your comments on my poppies post. I loved hearing your stories. So many of our families are touched by war and we all have our stories and heroes. And hello to my two new followers, you are very welcome!

Well, it's Tuesday, so joining in with Jen at little birdie here are the little things making me happy lately:
  • Angus the gardener helped my Dad in the garden - don't you just love his pink wheelbarrow? He spent hours testing my Dad's patience to the absolute limit by asking "What doing? What doing? What doing now?" every thirty seconds.
  • Pretty retro fabric.
  • Holly berries on the tree...CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!
  • Happy children, wellie boots, fresh air, fallen leaves...I love autumn.
We had a really lovely weekend. My parents came to stay and we did a lot of cooking and eating and, judging by the weight of the recycling bin, drank rather a lot of wine too. I managed to get some last minute crafting done ready for my first craft fair on Thursday night. I'll pop back tomorrow with a make from Mollie Makes and some of the other bits and bobs I've been up to. 


  1. Ooh, good luck with the craft fair - sounds fun, as does your weekend! Autumn really is ace isn't it? I get such a happy feeling waking up to a crisp, bright morning full of autumn colour - it fair lifts the spirits!

  2. Angus looks so focussed in that photo, love it!

    Good luck with the craft fair :D

  3. The retro fabric looks great in those hoops! Good luck with the craft fair - how exciting! x

  4. Oh those fabric circles are so beautiful. Love your happy things this week Gillian. Good luck with the craft fair. x

  5. Crunching through fallen leaves, lovely activity, great way to display yummy fabric! :)

  6. Dear Gillian
    Good luck with your craft fair; I am sure you will do well. I really like the way you have displayed the vintage fabrics - what a clever idea!
    Best wishes

  7. Hello Gillian,
    Very sweet, I am sure Granddad didn't mind! Happy you enjoyed your weekend and good luck for the craft fair.

  8. The pink wheelbarrow is gorgeous!

  9. Love your happies Gillian ... gorgeous fabrics ... I was just wondering when the first holly berries would appear ... good luck with your craft fair ... I am very bold ... I am very behind on my Mollie Makes ... looking forward to seeing yours ... Bee xx

  10. Love your fabrics - fuelling my current orange and grey obsession

  11. Love all the little things that are making you happy! The fabrics in hoops look really pretty.

  12. good luck with the craft fair! love those little fabric hoops x

  13. I love that retro fabric...and all those leaves! I would be right in their with my wellies.

    Nina x


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