Thursday, 18 October 2012

Moo and Blue Pie

Or Steak and Stilton Pie, as it should really be called. John made this last Sunday. He does as much cooking as I do but while I am happiest baking, he would much rather cook a big Sunday dinner. A roast, a stew or pie, or a big pot of chilli or ragu sauce. This is how he relaxes. Half the pleasure for him, and for me, is in the thinking of a meal; consulting recipe books, checking the cupboards, writing lists, planning a trip to the butchers. I do love autumn and winter Sundays when our day revolves around the planning, cooking and anticipation of a family meal.

You can't taste the Stilton cheese that strongly when it is cooked (if you could, I doubt Bella and Angus would have eaten it) but it just adds a wonderful richness and intensity to the flavour of the beef.

You will need:

500 g/1 lb beef stewing or braising steak
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp butter
2 onions
2 carrots
2 sticks of celery
1 clove garlic
2 tbsp flour
1 tbsp mustard powder
1 glass red wine
2 bay leaves
500 ml/1 pint beef stock
200 g/7 oz Stilton cheese
1 pack ready made puff pastry*
1 egg

  • Peel and chop the vegetables. Put them in a large oven proof dish and soften them in the oil and butter for ten minutes, the add the garlic, cooking for a little while longer.
  • Turn up the heat and add the meat, browning it with the flour and mustard powder (1).
  • Pour in the wine and stir.
  • Add the bay leaves and stock, stir, and season.
  • Put a lid on the dish and pop it in the oven for around 2 hours at 160°C/320°F.
  • When the filling is cooked (2), transfer to a pie dish and leave to cool for half an hour or so.
  • Crumble the Stilton on top of the pie mixture (3).
  • Roll out your puff pastry and cover the top of the pie, sealing the edges with beaten egg. Cut a couple of holes in the top to let out the steam and brush the beaten egg over the pastry (4).
  • Bake for around 30 to 40 minutes, or until the pie filling is piping hot and the pastry is cooked.
It serves four nicely. We ate ours with mustard mash and veggies. I am sorry these photos are a bit rubbish. It's really hard to take a nice picture of food in a gloomy kitchen and with fading afternoon light. Also, when it was cooked, we just really wanted to eat it!


*I know, I know, we used ready made puff pastry. The shame. If you want to make your own, knock yourself out, but I'd rather aim my culinary efforts and energy at making a pudding.


  1. I totally agree no wasting energy on pastry, definitely make sure there is a sumptuous dessert to make up for it. Sarah x

  2. Hello Gillian (and John!)
    YUM!!! That looks fab. I have never tasted a moo + blue pie (a rare first for me!!) but I get that would be creamy rather than bluey - I love blue cheese in any case. Thank you, shall make that soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, I thought everyone bought ready made puff pastry :) It looks absolutely delicious, just the thing for a winter's day. I've tried Jamie's steak and cheese pie (it was delish), so will try this one next :) xx

  4. Ooh thanks for sharing - that pie looks amazingly tasty. I am definitely going to try it although sadly my husband is definitely not a culinary master so will probably just be little old me. I too love the anticipation of a family Sunday lunch, all the planning, gathering and preparing is so comforting, especially at the time of year. x

  5. Nothing wrong with some shop bought puff pastry ... if it's good enough for Jamie Oliver ... it's good enough for me :-) ... the pie looks delicious ... I love Sundays at home with a lovely meal too ... Bee xx

  6. i must say it does look tasty. on the pastry note - i use ready made all the time. xo

  7. I am totally with everyone else - shop bought puff for me! That pie looks wonderful -will give that a go...x

  8. Nothing wrong with storebought pastry, that's all I use!

    The pie looks delivious.

  9. Gosh that looks delicious and i love the name!
    wishing you a happy weekend
    love jooles x

  10. Like Jooles, I love the name of this! How can one not make a pie called that?! E x

  11. Goodness, that looks absolutely delicious, and seeing how the way to Mick's heart is through a pie, I may just have to give it a go.

  12. Being a veggie, I wouldn't eat this but it does remind me of my Mums meat and potato pie, we loved it! Ada :)

  13. Your pie looks scrumptious. I'm with you on the shop bought pastry as everyone seems to be! Have a great weekend.

  14. That looks yum! I have just made minestrone soup ... I, too, am happiest when baking or making soup.
    Margaret P

  15. Oh wow, that looks SO delicious! I'll happily make a shortcrust pastry but definitely not brave enough to give puff pastry a go... x

  16. Looks really tasty. I am wondering if Stilton cheese is similar to Blue Cheese? I've never heard of Stilton before.

    1. Yes, stilton cheese is just a type of blue cheese, but any strong and crumbly one would work just as well. x

  17. YUM. i'll have to bookmark this, it looks delish and i enjoy stilton too.
    i also like your version of the name! lol

  18. this looks amazing! if only you could ship some to the states for me :)

  19. Thanks all for you comments - I am very glad to hear I am not alone in my use of frozen puff pastry!

  20. This looks so tasty, can't wait to give this a go, thanks for sharing this.



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