Thursday, 9 February 2012


Today I am thankful for three things - antibiotics, coffee and calpol. Antibiotics and calpol for Angus's ear infection and coffee for me.

I am writing about illness far more than I intended too. Hopefully, once Spring comes, the viruses and colds that have plagued this household will vanish, and I will be able to share photographs of the sunny outdoors and other happy things.

But for now, we are hunkering down and enduring. Angus woke many, many times last night. Hourly. I cuddled him, he went back to sleep, then woke again, sobbing. I am so very thankful for my doctor, the NHS, and living in a country where I can just go and get my poorly boy better quickly and easily. I am extremely tired, but motherhood brings days like this and I know that tomorrow will be different. And Angus? He seems untroubled by last night's drama, snuggled under a blanket watching a Peppa Pig DVD.


  1. What an awful night you had. So sorry to hear that. Sleep deprivation is a bad thing and it's so hard to be sympathetic to your children when you desperately want to sleep. At least now he has antibiotics he should get better quite quickly and therefore sleep better. If you're that tired you should nap when Angus does and you will feel loads better, even if you get less done around the house.
    Hope you feel better soon. xxx

  2. Hi Gillian,
    I'm so sorry to hear that your little boy is poorly, hope he is feeling much better soon. x

  3. On the plus side - the photo of the calpol spoon is excellent! ;) xxxx

  4. So sorry to hear about your night (and subsequent day). Hope Angus gets better very quickly and that you get a chance to catch up on sleep. The whole world looks worse on minimal sleep. Not to be underestimated. Hope tonight is undisturbed for you all. Take care.

  5. Thanks all for you thoughtful and kind comments. I am pleased to report that he is much better and slept through last night so we are all feeling much happier!


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