Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Day

It started softly yesterday afternoon. Just a sprinkling on my herbs and the dry stone wall at the bottom of the garden.

It continued all afternoon and into the evening and by this morning it looked like this.

We don't get snow all that often so when we do it is exciting. Just a couple of inches is enough for talk of sledging, snowmen, will the school be open...

John had to work this weekend so it was just the kids and I. We missed him. We built a little snowman in our little garden. 

After an hour we came back in to warm up. I don't think Angus enjoyed it that much really. He is still so little and got very cold.  Wellington boots dripped dry.

And hats and scarves dried off on the radiator.

Then came the best bit - hot chocolate with marshmallows for all of us. They were so excited to use their special (breakable/precious/close supervision needed) mugs. I made them sit at the table. They were so good.

And, best of all, Angus is back! He has been suffering all week with a horrible cold/virus thing and when a toddler gets ill, the whole household suffers.  I have missed his usually happy, busy presence. But this afternoon he was scooting all over the house on his Wheely Bug, crashing into things, chipping the paintwork, bumping my legs accidentally on purpose, and I thought "Someone's feeling better".


  1. Love the Hunters, Love the Mugs (!!) and most of all love that Angus is feeling better.

    1. Like, like and like! Thanks for the comment lovely lady.

  2. It looks like you had lots of fun. A shame John had to work though. I made a lovely soup over the weekend and will tell you about it when I see you. xxx

  3. What a lovely story your photos tell of your day! Love the snowman and the boots! Glad your little one is feeling perky again even if your legs have taken a bit if a battering with the wheely bug!


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