Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Day

Today is Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday. So today I will be eating pancakes, as well as finishing a baby mobile, doing the ironing, trying to get hold of the plumber again, going to the bank, and doing some baking.

This is my Mum's recipe. She is hazy about it's patronage but thinks it may be a Delia recipe, or her variation of a Delia recipe. I always ask Mum for recipes for things like pancakes as I suspect she has made many hundreds of them over the years and knows more than I do. (I'm not implying that she's really old - she's not! - but having raised three children she's done a lot of cooking in her time.)

You need:
3 eggs
4 oz or 110g plain flour
7 fl oz or 200ml milk
3 fl oz or 80ml water

Mix together then fry in butter. I would use butter not oil and get it nice and hot and sizzling. I can't flip them so just use a spatula to turn them over till they are golden on each side. I think you'll get eight or ten pancakes from this batter, depending on how thick or thin you like them.

I like my pancakes with sugar and lemon juice, the way we always had them when I was growing up. John likes his with maple syrup. Sometimes Nutella or jam. Bella didn't like them when I last made them but their tastes change so much at five so I am hoping she'll eat the ones I make her after school today. Mum likes her pancakes with apple compote and Calvados.

I just made one for Angus for a mid-morning snack. He took a nibble, said "no like it" then dumped it on the table and got down. Angus! Such rejection! Kids are brutal.


Essie @ Pingere Antiques said...

Mmm looks yummy! I'm looking forward to ours later. I'm totally with you about following your Mum's recipes!
Essie x

Anna said...

I've just made some for the girls and me following a Jamie Oliver recipe (1 egg, 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk). I used self raising flour so they were thick and fluffy like American pancakes. I might make some thinner ones later as I know Jon prefers these.
I do love your table runner by the way.
I can't believe your making another baby mobile. I haven't even started mine as I'm waiting for mum's help with the sewing machine. That's a good excuse anyway.

Oh Abigail said...

Our small one doesn't like pancakes, crepes or buttermilk. All the more for me I say! I like lemon and sugar or maple syrup.

Guillermina said...

we made pancakes today too!! but we like them with dulce de leche yummmy!!!

Karen said...

We had pancakes with lemon & sugar. Traditional but a real treat!

Gillian said...

Mums know best in these things i find!

Gillian said...

The pancakes sound good, I will have to try that recipe. Table runner is an ancient Habitat one - still love it. Get cracking on that mobile! xx

Gillian said...

Just how we had ours - delicious!

Gillian said...

Dulce de leche - is that like caramel? Sounds very indulgent and totally delicious! Gillian x

Gillian said...

Both of mine rejected the pancakes, again. Maybe next year... x

Guillermina said...

Yes Gillian it´s like caramel, it´s absolutely DELICIOUS!!!