Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Get Well Soon

This beautiful bunch of flowers arrived yesterday, sent by my parents, with a little note saying "Get Well Soon". When the Interflora man knocked I was quite cross and grumpy and doing some ironing (not exactly a mood elevator) but when I saw the flowers suddenly I felt less irritable and rather chipper. Funny that. Tulips are my favourite flowers in the world. I love their colours - the primary brights and the pastels - their shape; they seem to say "Spring is on it's way".

I have been under the weather for the last two weeks with Labyrinthitis, a horrible viral infection in my inner ear which makes me dizzy, nauseous, anxious, tired and gives me a funny ringing in my ears. It's not much fun. It really peaked on Sunday with lots of shivery flu-like symptoms (probably not helped by the fact that I totally over did it on Saturday).  I just want to sit down and do nothing, which is most unlike me. The nausea reminds be of early pregnancy sickness. I have a long list of jobs and projects I want to crack on with but I'm not feeling up to much. The only thing I feel like doing is my Emily Peacock Kiss Tapestry. Look, I've nearly finished the third letter! Only another hundred hours or so to go...

But today, it feels like it has lifted a very, very little bit. I was able to enjoy a mid-morning hot cross bun and cup of coffee. I took Angus to have his feet measured and bought him some new shoes (he did not take kindly to this and kicked the nice lady quite hard, quite a few times). Every cloud has a silver lining - I've lost some weight and if I'm honest I quite like the reappearance of my hip bones. I don't want any alcohol. I am rather partial to a glass or two of wine when the kids are in bed and I don't think it'll doing me any harm to give it a rest for a month or so. (Look, I'm trying REALLY hard to find the positives here!). So I will just lie low with my tapestry and catch up on my TV viewing and wait for it to pass. Last night I watched three episodes in a row of One Born Every Minute. Does anyone else watch this? I love it. This series was filmed in Leeds General Infirmary, a huge and busy inner city hospital, where my two were born, and I like entertain myself by seeing if I recognise any of the midwives. It makes me 1. broody 2. cry and 3. want to be a midwife. I always hold my breath while waiting for the baby to cry when it's born. 

Right enough rambling. Thank goodness sitting in front of the laptop doesn't set off the vertigo! I'm off to do some more tapestry.


  1. Your parents are the best!! We are currently enjoying some tulips here too.
    My tapestry is coming along but my word, what a lot of work, good job it is relaxing!
    I love, love, love OBEM. I always cry too. Hopefully this will pursuade you to have a third he he.

  2. Hi Gillian,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you are poorly, I hope that you fell better soon. Its even harder to be unwell when you have little ones isn't it? You can't just give and hide in bed can you?!!
    Your tapestry really does look fantastic - you're clearly very talented.
    All best,
    Essie x

  3. So sorry to hear about your labyrinthitis - i have never had it but know several who have and it's really not nice. Hope you will be feeling much better soon. The tulips look beautiful as does your tapestry!

  4. Hi Gillian..I'm watching one born every minute right now. I still want another though, it doesn't put me off! Your virus sounds very nasty indeed. You deserve those lovely flowers. Wow, your tapestry is amazing. Get well soon x

  5. Thanks all for your very lovely and sweet comments - I already feel a bit better just for reading them. Sorry for such a moany post - i promise to do better next time! Gillian x

  6. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter and stronger today. The flowers are lovely. Isn't Mum great?! Our first daffodil has opened up in the garden and it is so nice to have a splash of colour. More are on the way and I'm trying to be patient as I wait for the heads to open. I planted just a handful of bulbs last Autumn but the previous owner of this house must have planted his own bulbs around the garden. It is a lovely surprise to see what springs up from the ground. It is a tiny garden, as you saw, but hopefully it will be pretty, like yours, but without the dry stone wall :)
    Keep resting. You'll be glad you did.

    1. Thank you. How lovely to be in a new garden and watching to see from where the bulbs and colour will appear! xxx

  7. Hope you're on the mend soon. Labyrinthitis is evil - I speak from experience so sympathise completely. Hope your kiddies being kind to you. Your tapestry looks amazing! I must crack on with mine.

    1. Thanks Emma, it's slowly improving. :-) Enjoy the tapestry - it's fun but so far mine has taken three years!

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