Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Feeding the Ducks

This is Langstone Harbour. It is about a mile away from my parent's house and I spent a lot of my childhood here, walking around the mill pond and feeding the ducks. I think it is utterly beautiful. I can't quite explain how happy and peaceful I feel when I come here. I think it is partly the effect of being by the water, and partly the many happy memories I have, and the pull of "home".

It was very cold. And misty.

The children were very entertained by the sight of the ducks waddling on the frozen pond.

Even in the winter it is a lovely spot. I do so like doing these same things with my children, twenty years on.

The tower in the distance is the ruins of Warblington Castle.

Colour is provided by winter hats, coats and wellies.

This is a view so familiar to me. I told my parents how lucky they are to have this on their doorstep. I didn't appreciate it until I moved away.

We nearly stopped in this pub for a drink, until we realised that none of us had brought our wallets. You can just picture this same scene in the height of summer, the benches full of people enjoying a drink and looking out over the water. Heaven.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you have a nice day, whatever you may be doing. We are celebrating it by avoiding restaurants full of overpriced set menus, and plan to go out later in the week.


  1. Hello Gillian - have just discovered you via Emma Bradshaw. I an doing the den building thing this half term but still have to post. What a lovely blog you have going on here! Have friended you x

    1. Hi Karen - I would love to see your den creation! Thanks for the compliment - I will pay your blog a visit. Gillian x

  2. Such atmospheric pics. Even in winter being at a water's edge has a magic all its own and revisiting the places of childhood with one's own children is always really special. Enjoy your dinner later in the week when the 14/2 price hike has gone down!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, it is a special place. I did enjoy your hearts post!

  3. What beautiful photos - I'm not surprised you love it there. Thank you for visiting me at my blog today - it's so nice to meet you!
    Enjoy your meal out later this week!
    Emily x

  4. Emily, how nice to meet you too! I do like your blog. Gillian x

  5. Wishing those yellow wellies were mine! Xxxx


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