Wednesday, 1 February 2012

After School Crafting

Good morning! It is very cold here but today I am feeling positive and happy. January is finally over and hopefully we can look forward to an illness-free February. I'm also upbeat because I had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night and I honestly can't remember when that last happened.

All this cold weather and sickness means we've had lots of time indoors lately. I've had a lot of fun messing around with fabric, ribbon, buttons, pens and glue this week. The idea for this little family of toilet roll people came from the inspiring and very colourful Attic24 blog so full credit to Lucy for the idea.

Bella and I painted the toilet and kitchen roll tubes on Sunday, then spent Monday and Tuesday afternoons cutting and sticking. It filled that hour between getting in from the school run and making tea. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed this little activity. Angus got a bit involved but since he is only two and a half was soon bored. We took turns drawing the faces on.

This is me. I cut up one of Angus's old socks for a blue and white striped top (I have many, many, blue and white striped tops. Love 'em) and some Liberty fabric for a skirt.

John is sporting jeans and a white shirt. I know the red ribbon makes him look a bit country and western but I felt he needed more colour.

Bella took great delight in choosing her outfit and buttons while unsteadily waving a glue spreader around.

And Angus wears jeans and a purple checked shirt that he had as a baby. 

But the best thing about these little people is how much Bella loves playing with them. I knew she'd enjoy making them as she likes any crafty activity, but she was desperate for the glue to dry on them so that she could move them around and make them talk. When she came downstairs this morning, the first thing she said was "Are the Daddy and Angus dolls dry yet?"


  1. Your little cardboard people are delightful - you must have had such fun making them together! I wondered what the cardboard tubes being painted the other day were for!

  2. These are so cute!! My kids and I made some yesterday and it kept them busy for ages. Thanks!


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