Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A New Book for Bella

We bought Bella a new book on Sunday and I am very taken with it. It's called The High Street and it's by Alice Melvin. It's one of the most simple and beautiful children’s books I’ve seen for a long time. I bought another for a friend's daughter who turns five soon, and i intend to keep buying copies as a gifts for everyone i can think of who will like it, it's that good. 

It's about a little girl called Sally who has a shopping list (which rhymes, of course) and she goes from shop to shop buying everything on her list. It feels very English and nostalgic, and reminds me of the sort of shops I visited as a child. I especially like the sweet shop, with it's rainbow display of things to buy.

The illustrations are full of colour and detail in a gorgeous palette that feels a bit retro. Each page folds out to show the shop front, then to reveal the shop interior. John said the people in it reminded him of Mr Ben, a programme on tv that he loved as a child. It’s quite possible that I like this book because, well, I do like shopping, I like writing lists, I love retro design, and I like the name Sally as it’s my Mum’s name.

Bella's favourite page is when Sally visits the toy shop. She loves looking for all the toys she and Angus own and spends ages poring over it.

Bella is at home with me today as she was sick during the night. Her first day off school ill. 


  1. This book looks lovely -Phoebe loves drawing pictures of shop fronts. Will seek it out - thanks x

  2. It looks like a lovely book! Just the kind of thing I would have enjoyed as a child.


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