Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Lovely Kiss Tapestry

Three years ago, when i was pregnant, I ordered this tapestry from Emily Peacock. I loved the design and thought it would be something to do when I became too big or too tired to do anything else.

I still love the tapestry but it's taking a really long time to complete. I've learnt that I like a quick turnaround in a craft project so I keep abandoning it for other things. 

But my first project for 2012 will be to finish this tapestry and turn it into a cushion. I did think about framing it but there is just something too old lady-ish about a framed tapestry, and i wanted to be able to touch it as it feels lovely.

As soon as it's complete I will show you the finished result, and how i made it. I may have to call in my friend Marianne for zip-inserting consultations.

1 comment:

  1. wow - you have one of those beautiful tapestries!!
    I see those at Liberty but know I would never finish it unless I had a few months off work :) Good for you


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