Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Morning After

6.00 Start tidying away toys and persuade the kids to go upstairs for a bath.
6.20 Actually get them upstairs and start the long "Can you get undressed please...I've asked you three times..." performance.
6.30 Kids finally in the bath.
6.40 Teeth brushed, pyjamas on and into bed for stories. I leave John to do this while I run around flapping.
7.00 After many long and drawn out stories and drinks of milk the kids are officially in bed. Angus takes a painfully long time to drink his milk, slurp by slurp, smirking at us over his cup. He is fully aware that John and I are waiting, tapping our feet, and he's loving it.
7.05 I start getting changed but Bella, aware that something is afoot, calls me back in to her room four times " I need a wee...I need another cuddle...what are you wearing?"
7.20 Wine. Breathe.
7.25 Lay the table, faff around in the kitchen a bit. The cheap flowers look pretty in mason jars.

Runner - £1.99 in the H&M sale. Bargain!)
My Grandma's beautiful silver cutlery. I adore it but it can't go in the dishwasher so doesn't get used all that often, understandably.

7.30 Worry that the dessert does not look how I thought it would but realise it's too late to do anything about it.

Our friends arrive. We have a very lovely evening. Probably too wine was drunk. And now I am off to a birthday party with a bit of a hangover so that is my punishment. Happy Saturday and thank you for your comments :-)

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