Monday, 30 January 2012

Little Things

Hello there! Well, it was a long weekend to follow a long week. Tales from a Tired and Ill House would be more appropriate today.

But some little things did make me happy over the weekend.

Hearing how much Angus's speech is improving. He is a late talker. Recently he started calling his beloved bunny "bubby" and he delights in this new word that we can recognise, saying it over and over again.

Daffodils and Narcissi in a pretty jug. I spent most of our last holiday in Devon searching for one of these Cornishware jugs, and came home empty handed. But then I received two for Christmas. Hurrah!

Starting a little craft project with Bella.

A brand new soap in my brand new soap dish. (I did say little things) And the soap is Pears, my favourite soap in the world, the smell reminds me of my childhood.

Let's all pretend we haven't seen the very dusty blind behind the soap dish.


Watching Angus line up his toy animals. I'm not sure why he does this - I don't know if they are getting ready to stampede or if he just really likes lining things up.

And finding Bella's Playmobile figures all over the house in the unlikliest places. Here, Upsy Daisy is giving a lesson to the Campervan family.

Those are John's books. They form part of the "unread" section of our bookcase.

Angus devouring the eggy bread I made him for lunch today (Bella took one bite and spat it out).

And, best of all, pizza and wine on Sunday night.

Like I said, little things. Here's hoping we have a better week. How was your weekend?


  1. Hello
    It's the small things like those you mentioned that can make difficult times with poorly children that much easier. We had a lovely weekend. Dad helped Jon put up some much needed shelves in our kitchen on Saturday. On Sunday we skipped church for a change and went swimming. Jennifer loved it but Eleanor wasn't feeling great so she clinged to me like a monkey, but that was fine as I didn't plan to actually swim myself. Not possible when going with children. After that we had lunch out. It was an average roast but it was nice to have a vegetarian option to go with all the lovely trimmings. And best of all, no clearing up to do. We then watched a dvd together at home. This is so unusual for us as we'd normally go for a walk but it was just too cold. Eleanor seems better today. How is Angus? Lovely photos by the way. xxx

    1. Anna that sounds lovely. Can i swap your weekend for mine please? xx

  2. That is the 4th time The Tin Drum has appeared in various guises this weekend - I think the universe is telling me to read it!

    I'm stupidly happy that Jim fixed my lovely favourite liquid soap dispenser so now I can refill it with pears liquid soap - for some reason the children seem to get themsleves a little (but only a little) cleaner with liquid soap. Small things do indeed make me happy!

    1. Well if you do read it tell John if it's any good - i think that book has been on our shelves for about ten years! Thanks for the comments lovely lady. x

  3. I like your bouquet of "little things" a lot. Especially your white china soap dish with the little bird and a new tablet of Pears soap. My grandparents always had Pears soap. I love its slightly mysterious aromatic scent - it takes me straight back to my childhood. The pleasure to be gained from the small and ordinary things of life is not to be underestimated. It's often true that it's the little things that make the world go round or at least help us keep up with the wheels!

  4. Thank you very much for your comment. Most days it's the little things that keep me sane!

  5. We had daffs this week, they make me very happy. Where did you get the soap dish? I need it!

  6. It's from Graham and Green. Isn't it sweet. I'm waiting for one of the kids to smash it though.


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