Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ham and Cheese Muffins

Bella takes a packed lunch to school every day in her pink Hello Kitty lunch box. It usually contains a sandwich, a yogurt, some fruit, a cereal bar and a drink. I aim for a reasonably healthy lunch box (but not in a wholemeal/organic/food snob sort of way) which she will want eat. I want her to open her lunch box at school and think, oh, this looks tasty. I want her to look forward to her lunch and to be happy when she opens her lunch box up. In short, making her packed lunch is one of the many small things I do to show I love her.

But it doesn't always go like that.

Sometimes the bread is stale, so we have to rummage for crackers and a Baby Bell cheese. Sometimes the contents of the fruit bowl is tired looking or not to Madam's liking, or empty, so she gets raisins. Sometimes she gets ham sandwiches four days in a row. If she's really lucky and we've run out of cereal bars, she gets a chocolate biscuit.

So if i remember and I am feeling organised I make these muffins. The recipe is from this book and they are very easy to make. There are many links to the recipe out there on the internet, like this one here.

They are very tasty and everyone seems to like them. They keep for three or four days.

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  1. I think Bella is a very lucky girl that she has a Mummy that wants to cook such things for her!


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