Thursday, 12 January 2012

Fairy Lights

I do love fairy lights. 

I love how you can just perk up a room or corner simply by turning a switch. I even love Nigella Lawson's kitchen fairy lights, they are so extravagant and joyfully over the top. They would look ridiculous in our tiny kitchen. And how would you clean around them? These are probably not dilemmas faced by Nigella. We had some gorgeous snowflake lights over the fireplace in the living room at Christmas. White and glittery. (I find I can get away with a lot more kitsch at Christmas). I was quite sad to take them down and pack them away.

I found these lights in an interiors shop in Dartmouth while on holiday in Devon last summer. They are by Cable and Cotton. I'd never seen them before but have since noticed them in lots of shops. I believe John Lewis stock them too.

Since I am not a proper grown up, I went a bit mad with these lights and, like a child in a sweet shop, chose one in nearly every colour. The more tasteful among us might actually think about a room colour scheme and go for a matching palette. 

But I like them so much. And the best thing about them is that they look as pretty in daylight as they do when it's dark and they are switched on.

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