Monday, 16 January 2012

A Cosy Weekend

When I asked John what he wanted to do this weekend, he said "nothing". And I thought, oh that will be fun then. I was thinking of a day out somewhere, a long walk, maybe Sunday lunch in a pub. But actually, it was a good weekend, a really good weekend. John works most Saturdays and some Sundays so when he is off I feel the pressure to pack as much in as possible, to make the most of every moment. All he wants to do is relax.

It started with tea and toast. It's usually porridge on a school day, eaten standing up while I empty the dishwasher and make Bella's packed lunch. Toast with lots of butter and marmalade is my treat.

We went out and bought a paper and tried the new coffee shop that had just opened. Lunch, then a cosy afternoon of playing, crafting, watching tv, drinking tea and reading. 

Wearing new Christmas slippers was essential for these activities.

Some intense colouring in sessions from Bella.

While Angus busied himself with his beloved train set.

We went to a nearby bookshop on Sunday. A new cookery book for me, Leon: Baking & Puddings, and a Lego sticker book for Angus. But Bella got the best book, The High Street by Alice Melvin. 

It is perfect, simple and lovely, and deserves it's own post, which it will get soon. Angus's behaviour in Starbucks reminded us why lunch out would have been a bad idea. He climbed on chairs, wandered off, blew raspberries, shouted, ignored us and generally showed us up. Then, while Angus had a nap, Bella and I baked cookies, muffins and a tea loaf. 

After that I had no interest in cooking any proper tea so John went out to the Wetherby Whaler  to bring us back some fish and chips.

And it was cold this weekend. Cold and still. I don't think the temperature got above freezing. 

I hope the frost hasn't killed my primroses.

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  1. I was given the Leon book recently and had meant to suggest it to you! I haven't tried anything out of it yet though.


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