Thursday, 26 January 2012

Baby Mobile

Good morning. I didn't intend to write another sewing post so soon, but I seem to be in the middle of a sewing frenzy.

My friend Clarissa had a baby boy on Saturday and I have made this mobile as a present for baby Spencer. I am going to meet him this morning. I was hoping for new baby cuddles but I will admire him from afar as I have a horrible cold.

I started the mobile on Sunday. It took a couple of hours to cut out and machine sew the birds, then two evenings in front of the tv to sew on the wings, stuff them and attach the buttons for eyes. It cost £2.50 for the embroidery hoop plus the tiny and difficult to quantify cost of fabric scraps, thread, buttons and stuffing. So the whole mobile probably cost around £5 in total.

The bird template is from the Cath Kidston Sew book. I altered it slightly and made the wings from crafting felt so that they didn't need hemming, and hung the birds from an embroidery hoop, something I've seen done in many crafting books. I quite like it.

I saw another very pregnant friend earlier this week (we are having a bit of a baby boom round here at the moment) who is due next week and knows that she is having a girl, so now it looks as though I will be making one in pink. Which pleases me no end I as I have some lovely new fabric in different shades of pink which hasn't been used yet and I'm dying to get crafty with it.


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